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Saffron is the three pistils that are obtained from the flower called "Rose of Saffron or Crocus sativus". This flower blossom for 25 days and flowering time lying between October and November. Being collected every day early in the morning we assure that the flower is closed and faster handling since the midmorning made the collecting point more complicated. Soon after we bring the product directly to our facilities and proceeds to start the roasting process.This is the most important part for maximum quality saffron. This is made by our artisans. With their skills the saffron is toasted and leaving it at its peak before packaging in order to maintain their full potential in all its organoleptic qualities such as color, flavor and aroma.

Our saffron offers high quality and exceptional properties. Analyzing each crop to improve year after year, results in having organoleptic parameters than any other saffron in the world contains. We achieve this by improving the system of our artisan toasting methods that we give to our Saffron. We can assure this, as the process is controlled by our quality team and make traceability record to the entire product process.
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