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Dried goji berry, Dry goji berry

Nutrient ingredients: Wolfberry are quite rich in Protein, Vitamin C, Carotene, Iron, Phosphorus which are highly demanded by human body. (Among, content of Vitamin C is higher than orange, content of carotene is higher than carrot, content of iron is higher than steak)

Character: Superior quality, large equal size, prolate & red, tastes little sweet, thick fresh.

Origin: Origin from Ningxia, China which is the best place for plant Goji Berry in the world, where there is Plenty of sunshine & pure water.

Functions: Whiten skin; Anti-oxidation & Anti-aging; Enhance the immunity & strengthen body; Nourishing liver and kidney; Reduce the blood glucose & cholesterol; Improve vision & sleep; Boost sperm & reduce impotence; Nourishing yin and blood.

Uses: Goji Berry can be used to make tea, wine and soup, also can be used as fruit and medicine.

Cautions: Eating 10pcs is enough everyday; Not for the fever & diarrhea.

Sayings: Goji Berry is regarded as Fruit Viagra

Storage: In cool and dried place

Shelf life: 365 days
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