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Boneless Quality Beef from our Beef Carcass. 100MT available per week
Accompanying offals available on demand

Our Halal Boneless Beef is available from Full Carcass

100 mt per week available for export by Air or by Ship in reefer container.

Our high grade beef is produced from bulls with no less than 200 kg carcass weight.

Beef Specification:

First Class quality (Naturally grazed), Fresh/Frozen Boneless Beef Meat straight cut for human consumption from healthy cattle, 100 pct (%) Male age is below 30 Months according to dental formulation.

Meat is cleaned and Halal i.e. Slaughter in accordance to Islamic rites. Visible fat not more that 7 pct (%). Shipment carried out within 60 days of Slaughtering. Expiring date is 12 months from Slaughter date. Inner Organs including Kidneys, fats removed, without Head, Feet, Tail


Forequarter:Boneless cut from 5th rib straight cut including Shoulder, Chuck Tender, Chuck Roll, Shin and Brisket point end. All individually packed, including 10% Neck in Forequarter Tonnage. Each piece cut 1-3 kg Approx 55%

Hindquarter:Boneless Hindquarter cuts: Topside on, Silverside knuckles, Flank, Hindquarter shank, all individually packed. Each piece 1-3 kg, except 6% Topside and 15% Flank with Natural cuts in Hindquarter tonnage, approx 45%


Each Hindquarter and Forequarter, Flank, Neck and Topside cut individually wrapped. Consumer retail plastic bags and then separately packaged in seaworthy cartons of 25-30 kg Net Weight Flank: Blue Label, Neck: Yellow Label, Topside: Grey Label, Hindquarter: Black Label, Forequarter: Red label
Mr. Jaquan Schmidt

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