Belting Edge Conveyor Belt Suppliers

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South Africa

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Belting Edge, Cape Town based conveyor belt suppliers and manufacturers of transmission belting, plastic modular belting, timing belting, belt fasteners and related tools.

We also do on-site hot and cold splicing, pulley lagging and general splicing solutions. We are primarily based in the Western Cape region of South Africa but do enjoy a local client base right around the country as well as a growing international clientele.

We sell specialised belting and associated products to the following Industries:
Corrugated board, Can manufacturing and filling, Bakery and milling, Printing pulp and converting, Ceramic tile and brick, Fruit packing, Poultry, meat and food, and Textile Industries

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Conveyor Belts, Financial Services, Manufacturer

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Belting Edge Conveyor Belt Suppliers

Mr. Huston Ware

14 Lauda Road, Killarney Gardens

Cape Town Western Cape 7440 South Africa

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