LED Bulb High Power 20W Daylight

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Brand Name: Dien Quang
Model Number: 1
Place of Origin: Việt Nam
MOQ: 120pcs
Type: high power bulb
Color: Daylight
Material: Plastic PBT, PC
Certificate: CE
Function: Use lighting in an office enviroment, the commercial center, the
Feature: The duration is 5 times longer than that of compact bulb (30,000
Packaging: 12pcs/ carton
Capacity: 20w

Product Detail

Smart lighting with super bright LED bulbs - LED High Power Bulbs
Lighting needs to ensure the wide architectural spaces such as workshops, garden ... or lighting designer according to the need to use high-capacity lines, but the lights shining high performance professionals are increasingly interested and attention. Ensure aesthetics for space but still meet the economic problem, the line LED Bulb Power became the first choice for green design trends in the market.
In recent years, along with the emergence of many unique civil LED line as LED ceiling motion sensor, LED Double Wing, Led Mica, brand Dien Quang continued to launch high capacity line LED Bulb, light quality and brightness are enhanced performance, improved variety in design and technology compared with traditional compact fluorescent light and power. LED Bulb Power Optical Power of low cost, energy efficient and cost just over 25% compared to the high-capacity compact ball, but 5 times higher life expectancy.
LED High Power Bulbs from Dien Quang are interested by professionals.
High Power LED Bulbs from Dien Quang are considered as the optimal alternative for high power compact lamps. With equivalent brightness, high power LED lamps with only electric power consumption by about half, but the higher life expectancy of up to 30,000 hours, 5 times compared with compact fluorescent light bulbs (6,000 hours) as Power LED Bulb 20W can replace 40W compact lamps. Lamps for direct, easy orientation, higher light performance. For years, families have become familiar with its glass structure compact lamps cause breakage during use. Later the researchers and producers is gradually improving material replacement lamp structure with lightweight materials and environmentally friendly. Power LED Bulb of DQC is designed monolithic aluminum and high-grade thermoplastic, high mechanical strength and harmless to the environment.
Typically, the luminous flux decline in compact fluorescent light very quickly; overcome this drawback, LED Bulb generally have long life, high brightness ensures performance, ultra-bright LED. At the same time, the advanced SMD LED chips to high color rendering index, as light from the LED Bulb color large capacity for realistic lighting. With high brightness performance, the LED Bulb popular design applications in the workshop and fashion shops ... thanks to flexible design of the lighting system design super bright LED's many works.
Dien Quang has many LED Bulb product lines varied designs and types with an output of 12W, 20W, 25W, 30W help consumers more suitable option to meet the aesthetic needs, ensuring cents green lighting direction: safe, economical and user-friendly as well as environment.

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