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Brand Name: Shinesun
Place of Origin: Vietnam
MOQ: 1000
Product Form: Liquid
Packaging: 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

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Orange essential oils is extracted from pure orange peel with prominent ingredients such as: Limonene 85%- 96%, Mycenae 0.5% - 3%. In particular, Limonene is a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, prevents Mycenae, blocks inflammation and analgesia. These compounds are considered monoterpene resistant and prevent the development of tumors.
The benefits of orange oil have been studied and developed for a long time in daily life, with the effect in improving the function of the immune system and preventing the development of various diseases. The use of orange peel oil is one of the popular remedies used throughout the Mediterranean, India hundreds of years ago .

Orange peel essences are commonly used to treat conditions such as poor digestion, prolonged and chronic fatigue, depression, oral infections, skin infections, colds, Flu and sexual desire (impotence treatment). Along with that, orange oil is also used to overcome muscular spasm, promote digestion, increase blood circulation, deodorize.
1. Help strengthen the immune system
Orange oil contains more than 90% Limonene ingredients. This is a substance that prevents oxidation, enhances immunity, and is powerful in fighting and preventing the growth of tumors.
2. Helps stabilize blood pressure
Orange essential oil is a natural remedy for treating high blood pressure and stabilizing blood pressure. The aroma of this essential oil will strongly affect the sense of smell, help relieve headaches and stimulate the sensation, feel very comfortable.
Every day you just need to use some aromatherapy oil drops to spread pleasant aroma diffuser throughout the room or mix a little bit of orange oil with massage oil then massage the abdomen to provide excellent therapeutic effect.
The aroma of orange oil diffused into the air will strongly impact on the sense of smell, help relieve headaches, fatigue
3. Sexually stimulating
Ingredients of orange peel oil have a mild sexual effect, which can help treat erectile dysfunction. Just use an incandescent lamp with a few drops of chamomile in the bedroom. The mild aroma of orange essential oil will bring a very comfortable feeling and awaken the "fire of the room".
4. Anti-depression
Many published studies show that the scent of orange peel or orange oil can remind you of happy moments and soothe your brain. Moreover, the use of orange juice daily with reasonable dosage awakens cognitive function, which helps treat Alzheimer's disease.
Taking a few drops of oranges or essential oils in your room will help you reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression, and nervous tension. Or you can add a few drops of orange oil into the relaxing bath to get the best effect.
5. Toxins
Orange oil promotes urination, which causes toxins and other harmful substances released into the urine. In addition, due to the diuretic properties it also helps to reduce body fat, thereby reducing the burden on the heart, promoting digestion.
Add a little bit of orange oil to the bath water and soak yourself daily not only beautify the skin but also solve digestive problems.
6. Digestive support
Orange essential oil helps to solve problems such as bloating, stomach pain, digestive disorders, constipation, diarrhea ... The following use: You can use orange oil or combine it with lavender essential oil with roses oil then massage in the abdomen, gently rub until the oil penetrates deeply.
7. Beauty skin
Orange essential oil is a popular ingredient in beauty creams and treats dry, cracked skin. Ingredients of orange essential oil not only have a good effect in anti-aging, make the skin bright, healthy but also treat effectively acne .
8. Have sedative effects
The aroma is soothing to the olfactory sense of smell that it gives the body a sense of well-being, comfort, headache relief, body relaxation, sleepiness.
Therefore, instead of using tranquilizers that make you addicted, use orange oil - an extremely safe, non-addictive alternative and non-side effects.
Before you sleep for about an hour, take a dip in a warm bath with some orange juice and some salt, and you will see the effect from the first time.

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