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Material: Clay
Place of Origin: Viet Nam

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We supply many ranges of ceramics and handmade goods such as:\r\n\r\n- Indoor Ceramics from Dong Nai Province (you should be keep them inside of your house for decoration or planting tree). The diameter & height should be below 50cm. These are made by white clay (Kaolin) & covered by a glaze or paint. We can match any pantone colour or you can request your own design. We can manufacture with moulds or by use of a traditional potters wheel, it will depend on the pots\' shape. The items are then fired by gas in a kiln at around 1100 - 1200 degree C.\r\n\r\n- Outdoor Ceramics from Binh Duong Province (these items can be used either indoors or outside for planting or just decoration). Most of these items are frost-proof and will withstand the harsh winters in colder climates. They are manufactured using local dark clay & fired using wood in a kiln, or if it is below 50cm we can use a gas kiln. We can make any colour or shape depending on your request.\r\n\r\n- Terracotta from the Mekong Delta is made using the local natural clay which comes from the river bed. It will keep its natural colour, or you can finish it in any colour with paint. These goods can be used for indoor or outdoor markets. The lovely warm tones and hues are produced because the firing process uses rice husks.\r\n\r\n- We also can supply many other products manufactured from Zinc, Light cement (light terrazzo), Fiberglass, ....

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