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Variable frequency drive (VFD) series name
АТ24 Low voltage variable frequency drive.
VFD power in accordance with power range
For instance,5K5 -5,5 kW; 90K - 90 kW, M25 - 250 kW or 0,25 MW.
Rated input voltage
380 V
660 V
Triol АТ24 line type
In accordance with the line types descriptions following below.
Built-in power units
Without built-in blocks,
Built-in choke,
Brake module,
EMI filter,
Sinewave filter.
Input-output modules
Without built-in input-output modules,
Extension board - Module EXT1;
Extension board - Module EXT2 Termo;
Extension board - Module EXT3 Relay;
А - Multipump (used for a simultaneous control of several pumps).
Interface module
Without built-in interface modules,
Module Anet_CAN (CanOpen),
Module Anet_Profibus (Profibus DP),
Module Anet_LAN (Ethernet IP)
5 - Module Anet2_RS485 (Modbus RTU, 2 link channels are available).
Encoder module
Without built-in units,
Incremental encoder module ENCO2,
Absolute encoder module ENCO3.
Lodgement (locating block) module
Without built-in units;
Wi-Fi adapter;
USB-host adapter;
USB-device adapter.
Triol AT24 VFD Line 1 is an optimized solution for every elevator. This line is specially designed to provide safety and reliability of the lift mechanisms operation. The equipment features are state-of-the-art technical solutions and functionality suitable for the most critical applications.
Key functions
Start, stop and control of motor rotation frequency;
Acceleration and deceleration ramps including s-shaped ramps;
Acceleration, decreasing, stop;
Protection of the motor overcurrent, overload protection
Lift operation at fixed speeds, capability of universal setting to the lift vsd (variable speed drives) and integration with lift control systems used for an old housing stock;
Saving control configuration of motor;
Dynamic braking of motor;
Operation mode «evacuation»;
Operation mode «short floor»;
Operation mode «inspection»;
Braking unit control support;
Motor contactor control;
Vector control with and without speed feedback.
Protection functions
Protection against overheating of power modules;
Motor protection against overheating using motor temperature sensor;
Overvoltage and under voltage protection in dc-link of vfd;
Short-circuit at vfd output protection;
Protection against increasing currents at vfd output;
Desaturation protection;
Input single-phasing protection;
Emergency stop» command from emergency stop circuit.
Mechanical parameters
Plastic enclosure, ip20;
Forced cooling (fans, air flow direction from the bottom upwards);
Operation temperature -20oC ... + 40 oC;
Simple connection of input and output cables ;
Convenient demountable control panel with graphic display;
Possibility of vfd installation in small-size cabinets or in confined space;
Resistance to continuous sinewave vibration 0.5 g in three planes.

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