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Easy to use digital flexi-head thermometer suitable for all ages especially babies, young children and the elderly. This model is the waterproof flexible probe model, suitable for oral use.

No battery required
Clear and correct dial with easy to read scale
Flexible tip for safety
High accuracy
Rapidly measurement
Suitable for Oral, Armpit and Rectal Use

1. Measurement Range:
32.0 - 42.9oC (89.6 - 109.2oF)
3. Temperature Scale:
oC or oF
4. Min. scale:
0.1 oC or 0.1 oF
5. Accuracy:
±0.1oC or ±0.2oF
6. Measurement Position:
Oral, Armpit and Rectal
7. Measurement Time (reference only, it differs from people to people):
±10 seconds in water bath
±20 seconds in Oral
±25 in Armpit
±20 in Rectal
8. Auto Shut-off Time:
No Power
9. Battery Type:
No Battery
10. Memory:
11. Operation Temperature:
10 – 40 oC (60.8 – 104 oF)
12. Operation Humidity:
15% - 95% RH
13. Storage Temperature:
-20 – 55 oC (-4 – 131 oF)
14. Storage Humidity:
15% - 95% RH
15. Transportation Temperature:
-30 – 70 oC (-22 – 158 oF)
16. Dimension:
Approx. 158.5 x 23.5 x 29.9 mm
17. Weight:
23 G
18. Warranty:
2 Years

ST8S-D Battery-Free Digital Thermometer (dolphin)
ST8S-S Battery-Free Digital Thermometer (sea lion)
ST8S-W Battery-Free Digital Thermometer (killing whale)

1.Clean the thermometer before and after each use, store in the case provided with the thermometer.
2.After each use, disinfect the device, wipe the prove using 70% isopropyl alcohol.

1.Pull the handle
2.Wind the handle clockwise, the electricity is generated by the winding operation with a speed about 1.5 rounds per second clockwise. After a total 6 to 8 rounds, the thermometer can be switched on and the LCD screen may show 188.8℃ on the digital display, while making beep sound. When low power occurs, the screen will switch off automatically to avoid the measurement error. If you may need to operate again, please wind the handle one more time. The winding time would be shorter than the previous time.

Taking body temperature by oral, axillary(armpit) or rectal method.
1.Oral Method: Place the thermometer probe under tongue.
2.Axillary Method: Point the thermometer upward and place the tip well into the user’s armpit. Fold user’s arm over chest to hold the thermometer in place and keep air ways from the underarm. Make sure the underarm is dry when using it.
3.Rectal Method: rectal temperature should only be taken when it is impossible or impractical to take an oral or axillary temperature.

1.The thermometer should only be used under the supervision of an adult. Prohibit children from biting .
2.Do not bend it, drop or disassemble the thermometer.
3.Do not store the unit where it will be exposed to direct sunlight, dust or humidity. Avoid extreme temperatures.
4.Disinfect only by wiping thermometer probe tip with 70% isopropyl alcohol.
5.The thermometer must never be sterilized by boiling, gas or steam autoclaves.
6.The use of any other solution or cleaning method beyond the above mentioned may result in inaccuracy.

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