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Our Electric Heating Pad series can be applied on the patients’ skin on the affected area and is ergonomically designed to fit the body accordingly. It is suitable to the person who suffers from chronic pain and can be applied both at home and in the workplace.

Soothing heat therapy
Moist heat
No water needed
4 section setting temperature
Arthritis pain relief
Joint stiffness pain relief
Back pain relief
Menstruation pain relief
Tight muscle pain relief

Rapidly Relax Taut Muscles
The powered moist pad with special elements which enhancing application of Far Infrared, plus 100% cotton-made warm and moisture keeping cover, can effectively improve body circulation on medical care without causing dry itching allergy.
No Water Needed- Automatically Makes It's Own Moisture
Moisture is produced by the humidity from the air and retaining in the cover. When the heating pad is turned on, the rapid heat rise forces the moisture out of the cover on to our skin. The Powered Moist Heating Pad is more moisture and rapider than other heating pad on the market. Via the moist heating pad expands the blood vessels, increasing blood flow.
The remote could have 4 section setting time 15 min / 30min / 45min / 60min
4 section setting temperature 45 °c / 55 °c / 65 °c / 75°c
Product properties
1. Use Powered Moist/Auarium Heating Pad to relieve aches and pains from arthritis, joint stiffness, lower back pain, tight muscles, minor strains, tension and stress, and cramps.
2. Can be used on different areas such as the back, elbow, shoulder and hip.
3. Can be used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, sportsmen, specters. Skiers, construction workers-anyone who standing for long time every day.

Made of 100% carbon fiber fabric, the cabric Heating Pad is intended to be used for far infrared heat therapy in order to boost blood circulation, increase metabolism, relax muscle tension, reduce joint stiffness, pain relief and accelerate healing.

The ergonomic brace is used for compression and protection of the injured region and prevent a second injury.

TherMedic products line using cabric, a carbon fiber fabric with the ability to emit FIR (far infrared) energy which supports various therapeutic applications. Compared to conventional heating pads which only produce “line heat”, far infrared is a scientifically proven form of heat therapy that works more efficiently and effectively than traditional heating techniques. In Japan, FIR technology is comprehensive adapted from long time ago. Most notably, far infrared is a compete safe from of thermal radiation. No matter if you suffering from acute or chronic pain or just use it for preventive therapy, TherMedic’s extensive product line is the right choice.

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