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Our end mill products are divided into 3 different series, I will also briefly
introduce our end mill products for your reference, so that you may find which
products would mostly meet your market demands:

Nano micro grain (S series) - It has very good performance when it is
applied to high hard and high speed cuttings, work material can be up
above HRC 65.
Super micro grain (U series) - This is one of our most popular end mill
series, as it does not only have good performance on high hard and
high speed cuttings, which can also be applied to work on work material
up to HRC 60.
Micro grain (X series) - This is one of our common used end mill series, it
can be applied to work on material up to HRC 55 and it is suitable for
high hard/ high speed and general applications.
Last but not least, the XA and XAE series are made to apply to soft material,
so that it will be the best solution for soft materials cutting, such as aluminum,
copper, silver....etc.

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