Two Side Jacquard Plus Transfer Rib Stitch Knitting Machine

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Brand Name: QXM
Model Number: CS-DD
Place of Origin: CHINA
MOQ: 3
Type: Double jessey single jacquard
Color: golden
Material: steel
Certificate: CE certificate
Size: 2.2*2.2*2.5
Style: 34\"54F18G
Standard: High-end standard

Product Detail

Special Feature:
Two side Jacquard plus transfer rib stitch Knitting Machine were the newest machine developed by our company based on years of experience in machine work technology and knitting and weaving process.
The unique properties of this machine is that both side can select needles in cylinder by computerized system which can weave fabric of which patterns are not limited. With the computerized system, the cams can be organized in an instant without dismantling and replacing the cams from the machine. It saves time and effort. Because of the both side can select needles by computerized system, both upper and lower needles can operate automatically by setting. For example, upper needle 1x1 or 2x2, all out, no needles and float stitch…etc. The machine not only can freely weave out all kinds of float stitch patterns just like a traditional Jacquard Knitting Machine, our new Two side Jacquard plus transfer rib stitch Knitting Machine can weave new kinds of patterns which a traditional Jacquard Knitting Machine cannot do.
This machine can weave a varies kind of patterns, and the fabrics color will not be effected by the opposite side. The color of the fabric will maintain extra colorful and its original color. Excellent touch and clear and smooth pattern.
The machine is suitable for: Home appliance, couch, seats and seat pads, curtons, men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, and under wears…etc.
Precise encoder can calculate the position and calibration zero position of needle accurately, also can calibrate any error due to the force of inertia during start and stop automatically in addition, a detector is added to assist zero calibration for accuracy of selection thus the control system can check the encoder, judge whether its signal is proper and ensure stability o the whole system.

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