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Model Number: RX-12520
Place of Origin: TAIWAN
MOQ: 300 kgs
Material: silicone

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Introduction :

RX-12520 Anti-fog agents is a special hydrophilic nano-emulsion polymer. That prevents the condensation of water in the form of small droplets on a surface which resemble fog. RX-12520 Anti-fog agents could be used in many areas such as glass or plastic surfaces, helmet goggles, lens, and mirror etc. Especially used on the automobile front windshield
for to ensure the driving safety during winter season & raining day.
RX-12520 Anti-fog was compounding by high polymer, so it can be producing a film
which exhibited more long time effect than other conventional anti-fog agent.
RX-12520 Anti-fog is not only a good accessory for driver but also is non-toxic and harmless for human body.

Specifications :

Composition......... Hydrophilic polymer & surfactant
Appearance…………translucent liquid
Special gravity……1.00
Active content……20%

Volume : 100 gram

Usage : car glasses, helmet goggles, swimming goggles, eye glasses & mirror etc.

Usage guidance : sprayed RX-12520 Anti-fog agent directly on glass, mirror or transparent plastic surface (car windshield/window and helmet goggles are sprayed on the inside) and use a clean cloth to wipe, then you can easily achieve a good anti-fog effect.

Precautions : this product can’t spray to eyes. If there is accidentally stained, then must rinse with water immediately.
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