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Istanbul Kimya
We made water based screen printing inks for textile
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Greetings from Istanbul!

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We would like to introduce ourselves as a producer and exporter of textile sicreen printing inks in and beyond Turkey. We have been working in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Jordan and Israel, and currently we want to establish business with Indian’ companies/firms. Istanbul Chemical has been the leading brand of fabric printing ink in Turkey and beyond, since its inception 8 years ago. It currently holds a market share of 50-60%.

Product Portfolio:

Owing to our rich expertise, we are engaged in processing and exporting a wide range of printing inks. Our range Screen Printing Ink, Textile Printing Ink includes;

DS Series Water Based Inks (eco)

1-Water based series that can achieve all the textile printing effects.
2- Elasticity and soft touching effect.
3- Does not dry during the print and block the screen.
4- Directly applicable colours.
5- Perfect result of photographical, transfer and fine prints.
6- Suitable to ecological standards.
7- Highly washing and dry-wet rubbing fastness.
8- Can be cured at low temperatures.

HR Series Plastisol Inks (Phthalate and PVC free)

1- Phthalate and PVC free.
2- Does not dry on the screen.
3- Perfect result of photographical, transfer and fine prints.
4- Elasticity and soft touching effect.
5- Highly washing and dry-wet rubbing fastness.

DP Water Based Pigments (eco)

1- Water based pigment dispersions.
2- Used to colour the whole water based series.
3- Water based fluorescent pigment dispersions.
4- Formaldehyde free.

Other Products:

Hot Samtping Foil.

Gilter Powder.

Gilding Powder.

Machine Parts.

Flock Powder.

Our production line and head office are in Istanbul. Our water based inks neither block the screen nor dry on screen. Also, It does not contain any hazards materials for health.

If you are interested in our products or have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contac us.

Mr. Nail Nevmatulin

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