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From :4th/10/2014 To 05th/06/2018
Client :ECOWAS Commission
Type : Expression of Interest (EOI)
Project Name : Southern Africa Power Market APL 1
Project No : P069258
Participating Countries/ Institutions: Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia.
Amount: USD 359.20Million
Type of Financing: IDA

Description :Support for Southern Africa Power Pool (SAPP) Coordination center, construction/rehabilitation of transmission lines linking the Inga hydropower site in the Democratic Republic of Congo to the border of Zambia, allowing for power trading with the SAPP. Modern ICT backbone infrastructure to be installed along transmission lines.

1. The Economic Community of West African States enfolds fifteen (15) Member States and span an area of over six (6) million km2 with an estimated population of three hundred million (300) inhabitants. The region abounds in vast mineral, oil and agricultural resources.
2. The transmission lines network is relatively in good condition but suffers enormously from overloads caused by heavy equipment and machines. With the purpose of relieving the road network and harnessing the region’s natural resources, the ECOWAS Commission has undertaken to revitalize and modernize the transmission lines network. In that regard, the construction and rehabilitation of the transmission lines have become regional priorities.
3 To that end, the Commission initiated in 2008 a study aimed at developing a master plan on the interconnection and modernisation of the region’s transmission lines networks. As a result, the master plan on the development of the region’s transmission lines network was adopted by the ECOWAS Statutory Authorities.It is in this context that ECOWAS would like to use a Consulting Firm for the Update of the ECOWAS transmission lines Interconnection Master Plan.
4. The overall goal of the study is to develop an interconnection master plan of the transmission lines networks linking all ECOWAS countries, in particular those not covered by the current master plan.
The services to be provided by the Consultant include:
- Assessing the current master plan and redefining, where possible, priorities for rehabilitation of current lines and/or construction of new lines;
- Studying the possibility of linking Gambia, Congo,Guinea Bissau and Sierra Leone to the existing transmission lines networks of the other Member States or constructing new networks. This will lead to the development of a mini master plan for these three countries due to be integrated in the current plan;
- Studying the possibility of constructing new rail links in Guinea and Liberia and ensuring their interconnection to the existing networks or due to be constructed. These links will be integrated into the current master plan;
- Presenting the new master plan indicating all ECOWAS transmission lines network interconnections and highlighting the links in order of priority. It is worth noting that the order of priority will take into account, among others, criteria such as economic and financial viability of the links;
- Preparing, based on these priorities, a portfolio of three interconnection flagship projects that should be subject to detailed technical studies. Developing a short, medium and long-term financing plan for these flagship projects;
- Proposing a regional coordination mechanism on the implementation of the newly proposed consolidated master plan.
5. For the realization of the mission, the firm shall at least:

 Be a major and internationally renowned firm (Research Firm) with extensive experience ( at least 10 years ) in studies relating to transmission lines programmes and projects;
 Have a qualified team of key staff (Minimum of a Master Degree) with at least 10 working years experiences in this type of project;
 Have the capacity to produce and provide the reports in at least two of the ECOWAS official languages, namely: English and French.
 Local content and incorporation in any ECOWAS state with tax certificate.

6. The selection procedure will be based on Quality and Cost in accordance with the ECOWAS Tender Code. ECOWAS Commission is under no obligation to shortlist any Consultant who expresses interest.

7. A shortlist of six firms which present the best profiles shall be drawn up after the expression of interest.

8. The firms that are part of an international network are to submit one expression of interest.

9. The ECOWAS Commission now invites eligible Consultants (Firm) to indicate their interest in providing these services. Interested Consultants must provide information showing that they are qualified to perform the services:

 list of staff and expertise of the Consultants for the mission;
 The Consultant should have on its team, members with a combined knowledge of the official languages of the ECOWAS Region, which are English, French;
 list of verifiable technical references similar to this mission: list of previous clients and contacts for this type of mission stating the year and the cost of the mission;
 the Office Address (location, contact, BP, Telephone, Fax, e-mail).

10. Interested Consultants may wish to apply as a consortium to enhance their profile and chance of being qualified.

11. Interested Consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am GMT+1 to 5.00pm GMT+1.Procurement Division, Directorate of General Administration, ECOWAS Commission,Plot 101, Yakubu Gowon Crescent,Asokoro District, P. M. B. 401 Abuja Nigeria. email :


Bank for Investment and Development (EBID). 128, Boulevard du 13 janvier. Bp 2704 Lome - TOGO. Tél : (228) 21-68-64. Fax : (228) 21 86 84.


12. Expression of Interest must be delivered in sealed envelope and clearly marked “RECRUITMENT OF A CONSULTANT FOR THE UPDATE OF THE ECOWAS CONSTRUCTION/REHABILITATION OF TRANSMISSION LINES NETWORKS INTERCONNECTION MASTER PLAN”, Do not open except in the presence of the Tender Committee” to the address below latest by Monday, November 24, 2014 at 4.00 pm GMT+1:

The ECOWAS Tender Box is located in the Office of the Executive Assistant of the Commissioner, Administration & Finance, 5thFloor ECOWAS Commission, 101 Yakubu Gowon Crescent,Asokoro District, P. M. B. 401 Abuja Nigeria.

Bank for Investment and Development (EBID). 128, Boulevard du 13 janvier. Bp 2704 Lome - TOGO. Tél : (228) 21-68-64. Fax : (228) 21 86 84.

Cc: email:

Commissioner, Administration & Finance

Cc: Commissioner for Infrastructures
Ag. Director, General Administration
H.O.D, Procurement

Mr. Icheen Akpogovi

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