Evian Mineral Drinking Water

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We can supply the following ranges:\\r\\n\\r\\nEvian - 6x2Ltr (88 cases per pallet).\\r\\n\\r\\nEvian - 12x1.5Ltr (55 cases per pallet).\\r\\n\\r\\nEvian - 12x750ml (96 cases per pallet).\\r\\n\\r\\nEvian - 24x500ml (72 cases per pallet).\\r\\n\\r\\nEvian - 24x330m (108 cases per pallet).\\r\\n\\r\\nCases are loaded on Germany sized pallets (120x120x100cm). \\r\\n\\r\\nWe will provide complimentary Certificate of Origin for exports.\\r\\n\\r\\nWe can also offer CIF price at very competitive pricing as we work closely with the shipping lines.\\r\\n\\r\\nAVAILABLE WATERS\\r\\nPERRIER WATER\\r\\nEVIAN WATER\\r\\nACQUA PANNA\\r\\nSAN PELLEGRINO WATER\\r\\nVOLVIC WATER\\r\\nACQUA VERA WATER\\r\\nWATER LILIA\\r\\nVITTEL WATER\\r\\nWATER SVEVA\\r\\nCRISTALINE WATER\\r\\n\\r\\nOther service include product inspection and provide an Export Health Certificate and we welcome you to come visit us when we load the goods into the container.\\r\\n\\r\\nEach time we load the container, we will photo each pallet detailing how many cases on it. Also photo the container and seal number for your assurance.\\r\\n\\r\\nWe can provide mixed container if required. Please contact us for more information.

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Drinking Water

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