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Brand Name: FMC VALVE
Place of Origin: SOUTH KOREA

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Seoul Office: 7, Sapyeong-daero 20-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone: +82-2-592-1456
Fax: +82-2-592-1458
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Chul-Geun, Mun

ISO9001, ISO14001, CE-PED, API6D, API600, API602
Forged Steel Bellows Seal Valve
bellows seal gate valve, bellow seal globe valve

Forged Steel Valve
gate valve, globe valve, check valve

Forged Steel High Pressure Valve
Bonnetless globe valve, bonnetless y-globe valve, psb globe valve, seal welding globe valve, seal welding swing valve etc

Ball Valve
MF SF series, MT series, trunnion type metal seated ball valves, metal seated ball valve

About company
FMC Valve Co., LTD. established in 2003, we have been doing continuous research and development for customer,s satisfaction.
To be based on this management philosophy, we are trying to open new field of total Piping System businesses in the plant factory and construction, the petroleum, oil refining industry and the developmental equipment total Piping System businesses.
Together with the know-how which technical power and the many years and spontaneity service, we supply the product of good quality with economies of scale to the customer. Moreover, it had become the company compared is equipping the best role of competitive power improvement with the customer. We grew as the novelty one enterprise grows the partner relationship which goes out it pursues to be strong, continuity.
By all solutions which embody FMC VALVE we have been developing repeatedly into world-wide MARKET PLACE with going out Korean and international market.
We are appreciative to everyone that watching FMC VALVE and give the much guidance and encouragement to our family working with sincerity and trying item development go first the expectation of the customer.

2015. 05 Bulit and moved to the new factory located in MTV industrial complex
2014. 02 Registered a manufacturing valve for toxic gas of KGS
2014. 05 CE0035(PED) Certification registered by TÜV Rheinland
2014. 05 Changeover ISO 9001 to TÜV Rheinland from Orion
2014. 08 Registered a maker with Metal Seat Ball Valve and Forged Valve in GS E&C
2013. 08 Registered a maker with Metal Seat Ball Valve and Forged Valve in LG Chemical
2013. 11 Registered a maker with Metal Seat Ball Valve in Hanwha Chemical
2012. 07 Get certified ISO 9901 by Orion
2012. 06 Changed the Name Of Company to FMC VALVE Co.,Ltd.
2011. 04 Developed High Hardness(HV2,000) Metal Seat Ball Valve
2010. 08 Renewal NEP Certification for Refrigerants recovery and refinement equipment
2009. 02 Patent High-Pressure Refrigerants recovery and refinement equipment
2009. 09 Developed Bellows Gate, Globe, Check
2008. 06 Certificated Venture Business
2008. 06 Certificated Technological Innovation SMBA Company(INNO-BIZ)
2008. 07 Established R&D Laboratory
2008. 11 Started Manufacturing PSGV FORGED VALVE ½~2inch
2007. 07 Acquired NEP Certification for Refrigerants recovery and refinement equipment
2006. 02 Registered KOSPO Maintenance company
2006. 09 Patent Valves Locking Devices
2005. 01 Acquired ISO 9001 Quality Certification
2005. 02 Registered GYUNGGI-Do Small and Medium Business Administration(SMBA)
2004. 02 KOREA HYDRO & NUCLEAR POWER CO., LTD. Acquired Safety(Q) Certification
2004. 12 Started Manufacturing Forged Steel Valve ½~2inch
2003. 11 Established BUMSUK Engineering2003

The Main Item
High hardness ball valves with metal seat, Bellows seal type gate & globe valves, High-temperature & high-pressure valves, Special material valves: Titanium, Hastelloy, Nickel-alloy, Duplex, Incoloy & Inconel

The Advantage
1. We have been produced High hardness metal seat ball valves which have been used in polysilicon plant as well as other conventional business such as oil refinery and chemicals.
2. We can supply our valves in the following area Sand oil & Shale gas Sulphate resistant piping for mining nickel & cobalt project High hardness metal silicon line of Polysilicon plant Transfer line for iron ore(Ash & Slurry) in steel mill plant Coal ash & slurry for IGCC(Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle) in power plant. Transfer line of high-temperature & high-hardness in power plant
3. Our valves have been used in many industrial plants, we have been assisted for valve users to improve and trouble-shoot their plants. Our engineers are available 24/7 for any technical support.
4. We mainly supply not only standard material but also special materials with forging in order to making high quality products and keeping the material safety. (Titanium, Alloy steel and etc.)

Major products
High Hardness Ball Valve
Based on technical knowhow and long field experience, FMC provides specialized products that are produced by FMCVD Coating (Chemical Vapor Deposition) System. It is never get damaged by assembly lines or sand paper due to a high degree of hardness. It also is not broken by high-temperature or any impacts. Depend on any situation in using, our product with FMCVD coating system is more durable than other company,s ball valves. Also, by using in certain condition, ours can be semi-permanent. It is sealed with higher than Leakage Class ANSI VI and more using of them, you can get higher performance. This is the best you have had ever in qualities of durability under high-temperature, high-pressure, wear resistance, corrosion resistant and so on. Material contains lots of slurry, catalyst, sand, and etc. So under a certain condition like lots of wear and tear, it is semi-permanent and provides you the great values.
1. High Quality of Hardness: Our certain material types and FMCVD coating processing system would provide you to use in any kind of situation. Hardness is guaranteed. HV 1800~5000 (above HRC 80) 2. Durability of Abrasion: Strong in scratch, high pressure, abrasion, high temperature and etc. 3. Low Coefficient of Friction: When it compares in general heat treatment, the level of coefficient of friction is low as 1/3 comparing to others so the surface is smooth and it has a long life cycle. 4. Corrosion Resistance: it is excellent about HCL, H2SO4 and H2S, HF, Phosphoric Acid, Alkali and etc. 5. Obstacles of Gas: It is excellent about O2, H2, SO2, SO3, H2S and etc. 6. Thermal Shock Resistance: Until the critical temperature vicinity, it maintains the hardness until 600 C high temperature. It excellence in use of liquids, dry flowing and abrasives.

Main Customer :
Hyundai Engineering & Construction, POSCO E&C, Samsung Engineering, GS Caltex, LG MMA, STX heavy industries, Kumho Mitsui Chemicals,

Main Product:
Forged Steel Bellows Seal Valve, Forged Steel Valve, Forged Steel High Pressure Valve, Ball Valve

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