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We read web site of Yahoo and recognized your company.
First of all, could you allow me to introduce oourselves.
We are “Wave International Co., “ a Japanese trading coorporation
which supports export and import products produced in Japan.
We are located in Nagano prefecture , the mountaineos area (sea level is 700m)
and around 200km from Tokyo. It is cold inwinter and (temerature is sometime 10 ??below “0).
It is actually quite suitable to produce apples which are quite sweet and delicious ones.
Several original breed are available, such as “Fuji” “Golden delicious” “Shinano sweet” etc.

We areable to supply these with very reasonable prices because Japanese agricultural assocition is
very severe for the shape and appearance of apples and they omit some apples although they are
rather ordinary taste and quality and not clearly different from accepted ones.
That is why we can purcase these with cheep price and and supply you with them.

If you are interested in our apples, we will provide some quantity of samples.

We would appreciate your kind understanding and interest to our apples.

Best regards

Kazuhiro Miyashita
Wave International, Inc. (Japan)

Contact : tel & fax +81-265-71-3570

Mr. Kazuhiro Miyashita

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Wave International Inc.
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