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Afra Modern Systems is an Iranian manufacturer of Silicone Rubber Insulators, Cut-out Fuses, Jumper Insulators, Silicone Covers, and Inter-Phase Spacers, for Medium Voltage Distribution Grid. We are the domestic market leader and also promoting our products and services in Middle-East and CIS market.
Our products are well-known in Iran under the brand name Voltage®, and are verified according to international standards such as IEC and ISO.
Voltage® is well populated as the Highest Quality With The Most Competitive Price. This is achieved by applying cutting-edge know-how as well as utilizing superior technology and machinery in production, to provide the distinct quality to the state-of-the-art products by quite competitive prices.
Having a range of Creepage Distance Coefficient between 25mm/kV and 45 mm/kV, the products are able to be applied in all weather conditions such as Dry to Humid, and also different pollution ranges to Very Heavy level, according to IEC60815.
Thanks to our eminent R&D department, we have got the know-how of producing qualified Silicone Compound, GRP Rods within the company, and also our final products such as Silicone Insulators, Cut-Out Fuses, and Silicone Covers.
The products are manufactured according to the latest standards such as ISO 9001 framework and International Electro-technical Commission (IEC 62217(2012), IEC 61109(2008) and IEC 61952(2008) standards for Suspension and Pin Insulators and also IEC 62217(2005) and IEC 60282-2(2008) standards in manufacturing Cut-Out Fuses).
Possessing a fully-facilitated laboratory to test all the products of ours, we conduct Quality Control Tests and Plans according to the latest IEC standards. We are also able to run all required tests related to Silicone Insulator, Cut-Out Fuse as well as Silicone Cover.
Voltage® products include:
1- Pin Insulators (Creepage Distance: 660, 766, 850, 871, 950, 1050, 1118, 1182mm)
2- Suspension Insulators (Creepage Distance: 660, 853, 1004mm)
3- Tall-Base Pin Insulators (Creepage Distance: 760mm)
4- Jumper Insulators (Creepage Distance: 660, 853, 1004mm)
5- Insulators applied in Switchgear
6- Insulators for Railway Application
7- Insulators for Petrochemical Industry Application
8- Inter-Phase Spacers (Creepage Distance: 1320, 1706, 2008, 2324mm)
9- Cut-Out Fuses (Creepage Distance: 1320mm, Applied in 20kV Distribution Grid)
10- Cut-Out Fuse (Creepage Distance: 1850mm, Applied in 33kV Distribution Grid)
11- MV & HV Silicone Compound
12- Transformer Bushing Silicone Cover
13- Cut-Out Fuse Silicone Cover
14- MV & HV Surge Arrester Silicone Cover
15- Insulator Silicone Cover
16- GRP Rod (Diameter: 16 – 30mm, Applied in MV & HV Insulators and Spacers)
Mr. Maysam Chehrazad

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Afra Modern Systems
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