Socks Knitting Machine

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Fully computerized plain socks knitting machine

Cylinder Diameter:3.5inch

The needle counting:72~220N

Running Speed (RPM):300~350

Drive Control:Servo Drive

Drive Motor:0.85kw

Fan Motor:0.90kw

Control Box:0.80kw

Floor Space:150*110*240

Net Weight:300kg

Gross Weight:320kg

Packing size:76*110*165

Main features:

1.One main feeder plus five pattern feeders

2.Possibility of 6 colors in one course and 16 colors on one sock.

3.Drumless, fully computerized control system.

4.Exclusive inner cam block system for high speed.

5.Stepping motor for elastic yarn and stitch cam control.

6.Electro-pneumatic yarn finger and cam control.

7.Pattern Depth up to 1,500 courses.

8.Multiple stop motion sensors in case of error.

9.Autiomatic re-cycling oiler,counter,and reset function.

10.Equipped with USB for easier data reading

11.Available in 220/380/440V 3phase 50/60Hz.

12.Fully A.C Servo motor adopted.

13.Minimized and easy operating function.

14.battery back-up to protect stored program.

15.Internal UPS can support continuous knitting.

16.Graphic type LCD adopted.


equipped with Newly Developed Powerful Controller,with Multi-Functions.Adoption of New Actuator System for high speed knitting.Protecting needle broken by using Newly Designed Needle Detector.More wide LCD Screen for easily checking knitting conditions.
Fully computerized plain socks knitting machine with new computer

the details of new computer In addition to the above features:

1.big and colorful screen


3.can save 500 pattern files in the machine computer.

4.with new designing software.

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