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Trigona spp
Name Indonesia (area) Klanceng, lanceng, teuweul, gala-gala, galo-galo, kelulut, kalulut, ketape, kammu, dll.
Types Around the world there are about 150 species of trigona, in Indonesia around 31 species are scattered in various islands.
Characteristics Black color, body length 3 - 4mm, 8mm wing span. Black worker bee, large head, and sharp jaw. The golden bee is brownish, big-bellied, measuring 3-4 times the worker bee, similar to a short wing but a short wing. One of the living social insects forms a colony under the setting of the queen of trigona bees.
Radius flying 100 - 500m.
Dwelling The tropical and subtropical regions are temperatures averaging below 32 degrees Celsius, they settle in tree trunks, bamboo segments, holes in the ground, rocks, etc.The ideal temperatures favored by trigona range from 18-24 degrees Celsius and humidity 60 - 70%.
Uncovered bees specialist propolis producer as a self-defense (nest).
Produce little honey but high efficacious.
Safe to be reared because only bite does not sting.
Maintenance and development is not difficult because the required nectar is not as much as a large apisyang bee.
Food and Food Sources All types of flowering plants (multiflora), tree sap, resin, and bee pollen.
Honey Productivity Average 100 - 250 ml / 3 months (depending on vegetation).
Propolis productivity an average of 2 kg / year for each colony (depending on vegetation).
Sweet, sour, bitter honey flavor.
The content of Trigona Honey
Contains propolis and bee pollen naturally because the honeycomb and bee pollen pocket together in one place.
Vitamin Acids: Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), (B3), Ascorbic Acid (C), (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Biotin, Asamfolate and Vitamin K
Minerals: Natirum (Na), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Aluminum (A1), Iron (Fe), Phosphorus and Potassium (K), Pottassium, Sodium Chlorine, Sulfur.
Main Enzymes: Diatase, glucose oxidase invertesem, fructose, peroxidase, lipase also contain small amounts of hormone, copper, iodine and zinc. With the content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, it is no wonder trigona honey is due to overcome various diseases and increase immunity.
Honey efficacy Trigona
Increase endurance
Preventing Stroke
Accelerate blood circulation
Increase hormone
Strengthens brain and heart function
Fixed damaged body cells
Recovery of the body
Relax the tense nerves
Eliminates fatigue
Improve child's intelligence
Can be consumed diabetics
Helps postoperative healing period
Prevent Cancer and stroke
Highly recommended for adults and seniors
Content of Propolis Trigona
Resins containing flavonoids, acids, and phenol esters (45-55%).
Beeswax and plant origin (25 - 35%).
Volatile oil (10%).
Polens consisting of proteins (16 free amino acids> 1%), arginine and proline accounted for 46% of the total (5%).
14 micro minerals (Fe and Zn most), ketone, lactone, quinon, steroids, benzoic acid, vitamins, carbohydrates (5%).
Benefits of Propolis
Natural antibiotics.
Anti virus.
Strengthen the immune system.
Acting as anesthetic.
Strengthens and accelerates cell regeneration.
With these properties, propolis is used in the areas of health, beauty, disease therapy, preservatives, and others.
Harvest Period Honey and Propolis are harvested every three months.
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