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World's Leading Surgical Instruments Producers

If we start talking about countries and their industrial specializations so it will be an informative topic. Every industry has its own demands for specializations. Countries hailed specializations in specific industry sometimes from their cultures and others traditions. The one of the most comprehensive industry is surgical instruments manufacturing.

Surgical instruments are one of the most needed tools for the health industry. Many countries in the world are producing quality surgical instruments for their requirements. But their quality standards cannot be matched with the standards required for the exports. Just from the first paragraph, I taught that specialization is a part of industry.

So, the countries that have specialization in the Surgical Instruments they export their commodities across the globe. Largest exporter for surgical instruments in the world is Pakistan. The second largest is China and the third is India. But, there is a huge difference in sense of production and export between Pakistan, China and India.

Pakistani Surgical Instruments are very popular globally since Pakistan is the largest producer of it, so the quality of their products is best as it should be. Pakistan ranked top because of numbers of manufacturing plants located in the country. Sialkot, a city of Pakistan located in the province of Punjab is the hub for manufacturing quality surgical tools. Here are some facts about the surgical instruments industry of Pakistan.

The history of surgical instruments industry in Pakistan is close to ancients. First surgical instruments industry was originated in early 1940s in the city of Sialkot. It is manpower’s wisdom that made it strongest one. Pakistan is only country that exports its surgical instruments to 140 countries.

Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association of Pakistan has more than 1200 registered members. Besides that data, more than 2000 low, medium and high scales firms are working for production purposes. There are about 1000 traders that have no interaction with production methods are working in the field of export.

According the census of 2006, Pakistan exported surgical instruments costs more than 160 million US Dollars. Pakistan produces a wide range of surgical instruments that cover approximately all health industries of the world. Pakistan mainly manufactures and exports surgical instruments for these health departments:

Diagnostic, Anesthesia, Vaccination, Suture, Plaster, Bone Surgery, Neurology, Tracheotomy, Cardiovascular, Lung Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Otology, Rhino logy, Oral Care, Tonsil, Sterilization, Urology, Gynecology, Obstetrics and Intestinal & Stomach Rectum.

Some of the commonly used surgical instruments are forceps, scissors, pliers, surgical lights, cervical plates, pelvic fixation system, linear staplers, laparoscope sets, spinal fixation system, retractors, calipers, blades, electrosurgical units, oscillating saw and much more.

After Pakistan, China as second largest exporters of surgical instruments produces better quality instruments with medium scale firms. China has developed good export relations with the help of about one thousand suppliers of Surgical Instruments. China mainly produces disposable surgical instruments like needles, blades and scissors.

Third largest Surgical Instruments Exporters, India has developed its industry through the satisfaction of its Importers. India has not more than 800 registered Indian surgical Instruments Suppliers but the rest are doing good for the betterment of the industry. India mainly produces in the fields of orthopedic, orthodontic and ophthalmic.

Hence, the leading exporter of the industry, Pakistan is enjoying benefits of international trade because of selfless devotion towards work and quality manpower. If you are finding Surgical Instrument Suppliers so don’t worry TradeFord.com has good quality list for you!
World's Leading Surgical Instruments Producers

Posted by: Chin on May 24 2012

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