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vipeak meet the challenges of new technological innovations mill

   In recent years, high-speed stirring mill expansion of coarse raw materials for the processing and production of fine products. With China\'s high-speed railway started operation, the mill and day surge in demand , the state at this time on the need for comprehensive analysis and performance in terms of quality, our mill in the past few years, the development process:

   Our ball backward technology, the transmission chain length, loose structure , mechanical wear serious , high failure rate, oil spill leak material phenomenon can not cure. Later, with the use of many industrial sectors in the mixing mill for fine grinding made ​​significant progress. Mill features a specially designed role in the grinding process was previously unimaginable .
   The new mill equipment vipeak introduction of new technologies , the first ball of the transmission equipment to transform the way . I used the company \'s own production of planetary gear reducer. Single drive to the edge of the center to change a single drive, compact structure. High efficiency , reliable operation .
   Two . Main bearings. The dynamic pressure bearing hybrid bearing to establish high and low pressure oil lubrication station ; using low normally open , high-pressure start to open the way . In the start-up and run-time have good lubrication, starting torque about 40% lower than the original . Greatly improve transmission efficiency while improving the working conditions of the bearing and the shaft .
   Three . Cylinder : the cylinder diameter 2.7x3.6m changed from the original 3mx3.6m. Increasing the effective volume of production from 32t / h to 40t / h. Bolt hole from the liner to prevent leakage, installed inside the cylinder liner wear and no bolts , wedge laterally by pressing firmly tight pressure on the cylinder wall cover plate bolted to the village , when the support ribs may vary with the wear plate and the slot plate replacement , eliminating the damage to the end cap . Simplified between the village and between the end plate and simplified liner and cover rubber pad , the ball can buffer the impact of simplified , helping the inner wall of the liner and Simplified tight fit .
   Four . Other . Electrical parts , two lubrication station , mill main motor , slow drivers , main bearing temperature measurement devices , starter interlock logic using PLC centralized control, to improve the reliability of the machine . Eliminating damage caused by improper operation of equipment ; feeder and hopper capacity increase to meet the technical requirements ; sealing reliable , structured, eliminating excessive leakage caused by returning materials , and protect the environment. In addition, to ensure the installation , operation, and repair and maintenance convenience, the configuration of the low speed auxiliary transmission .

Posted by: Roy on Jan 22 2014

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