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Various Types of Cranes used in Construction Industry

When you come on a construction site, the very first thing, you will notice is a huge crane. Crane - a lifting machine, that's mechanism, involves the use of different cables and pulleys. For the first time, the ancient Greek invented the construction crane, hundreds of years before. Recent age Construction Cranes are heavy and gigantic.

Cranes are considered valuable assets for the construction industry nowadays, as they are highly capable to work with the giant machinery and construction materials that can lift tons of material and reach about 800 meters high. It is a great invention for the mankind because before its advent human hands used to load, unload, the heavy objects that were more time consuming and difficult task. In the construction industry, the use of cranes has increased and construction sites use various kinds of cranes that have their own specific purpose. These cranes are either mounted on a purpose built vehicle, or fixed to the ground. They are operated by operators who control them by push buttons or by radio type controls. Let's discuss various types of cranes used in construction industry and what they are used for:

Tower Crane

One of the most commonly used cranes in the construction industry is Tower Crane. From the start, the Tower Crane was developed in Europe and now has become popular across the world. It is mainly used in the construction of high-rise buildings. It has the ability to reach up to 265 feet and could lift approximately 20 tons. During the construction, the Tower Crane is fixed to the ground. It is mounted on a sturdy concrete pad for embedding the anchor bolts into the pad. That bolt holds the crown when it lifts heavy loads.

Floating Crane

Handling work in ports or waterways with limited dock facilities or, where the quay capacities get exhausted, Floating Crane comes into its own. Therefore, floating crane is mostly used in waterway construction like ports, dams and bridges. It is either mounted on special barges or pontoons. It has been built on the base of well-proven mobile harbor latest technology so it is well-suited for mobile operations on the river, in ports, in sheltered water, in coastal water and in open-sea operation.

All-Terrain Crane

All-Terrain Crane is ideal for off-road constructions and industrial jobs. It can lift 30 to 1200 metric ton load. This machine could travel on public roads without restrictions. Its design is customer-oriented to give maximum versatility and mobility; therefore it could be used for many construction jobs. It is reliable and equipped with safety devices like overloading warning signal, automatic load shut-off and hoist limit switch shut-off.

Loader Crane

Loader Crane is suitable choice for lifting giant objects at the construction sites. In this sort of crane a trailer is fitted with the hydraulically-powered, articulated arm that consists of many sections that could be folded and pressed into a small space whenever there is no need of an operation. The lifting power of the Loader Crane ranges from 1 to 92 tons.
Various Types of Cranes used in Construction Industry

Posted by: Nicole on Feb 18 2014

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