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Types of Surveillance Security Cameras

Security cameras or Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) are used for monitoring an area. They are connected to recording devices through IP networks and cables. These cameras and recording systems were assumed too expensive to be used as residential purposes. But now days, by using cheaper production techniques it is not only affordable but more secure than ever. These cameras are used for home security systems, crime prevention, industrial processes, traffic monitoring and many other features like that. The first CCTV system was installed in Germany by Siemens AG in 1942 for observing the launch of rockets. There are so many types of security cameras are available in market varied according to different security needs.

Box Camera

Box cameras provide the most flexibility for security camera systems. You can interchange the lenses and control the angle of view. These cameras provide good quality results even under dim lights and worst weathers but box cameras are not weatherproofs that’s why these types of cameras are only used in indoors.

Box Camera

Bullet Camera

These small security cameras are also called lipstick cameras and they are weatherproof and very useful for indoor purposes as well as outdoors environments. These cameras are available in both black & white colors and different sizes according to different needs and purposes of market requirement. Bullet cameras are usually two inches long and have quite resemblance with bullets so they named as bullet cameras.

Bullet Cameras

Dome Camera

Dome security cameras are the newest types of security cameras and they are also known as wall mounted cameras. Dome cameras have a full 360 degrees of movement and can pint in many directions from left to right and up to down. The specialty of dome camera is persons don’t know which way the camera is looking because of its dome shaped glass. Dome cameras are cheap in prices and available in different sizes & colors and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The main models of dome cameras are day/night, infrared, speed dome, mini-dome, wide dynamic, weatherproof and vandal proof.

Dome Cameras

DVR Camera

DVR cameras are one of the mini spy cameras that have built-in recording devices with memory card supports. For storage, SD and MicroSD cards are being used that are considered as more compatible and portable with any model. DVR cameras are commonly used as hidden or spy cameras and installed normally in cars for security purposes like someone is driving your car without permission.

DVR Camera

IR Camera

Infrared Cameras or IR Camera equipped with IR illuminators that can see in darkness as well as worst lighting conditions. These types of cameras are perfect for night applications because Infrared security cameras use infrared beam light which has wavelength more than 700 nanometers and invisible to the human eye but can be caught through other cameras lens.

IR Cameras

Night Vision Camera

These types of security cameras are also used for night applications. Night Vision Cameras are usually installed in outdoors for monitoring your property when there is no lighting. It is also installed for indoor purposes like college classrooms and railway waiting room monitoring.

Night Vision Cameras

PTZ Camera

PTZ Security Camera or Pan Tilt Zoom is those cameras which are installed at important monitoring areas like entry or exit points. These cameras are remotely controlled and also capable for zoom-in & out controls. PTZ security cameras are especially designed & used for management and safety purposes and by using these cameras, you can monitor your employees’ behavior and it may help you to maximize your employees’ performance.

PTZ Camera

Weather Proof Camera

The Weather Proof Security cameras are used in the construction areas because it can work in many worst climate conditions. These cameras are specially made for outdoor security needs and for that their shells are hard than other security cameras. Weather Proof Security cameras contain 30 LEDs for night surveillance when there is electricity outage problem in storms and earthquakes.

Weather Proof Cameras
The companies of cctv cameras systems have to take a step ahead to make this system more and more reliable and accurate as the need of this security camera is very much higher under ongoing circumstances. There are also doors that are widely opened for the new companies willing to introduce latest technologies in security cameras which take parts to improve the security systems. This is the only way by which people can live with ease and under secure environment.
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Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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