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Types of Seeds

Seeds are basically part of plant obtained sometimes from flowers inner, sometimes found in fruit’s middle and even the whole vegetable can be a seed. It plays vital role for producing any tree either it is for herbs, cotton or flowers so. Some common types of seeds are as follows:

Alfalfa Seed

Alfalfa seeds are too nutrient to be used because they contain a comprehensive amount of vitamins and proteins. Alfalfa seed is happily contented with low calories and cholesterol or if we talk about vitamins range found in it so there are a large number of useful vitamins like C, K & A besides iron, magnesium, copper, iron and phosphorous! It can be used in both forms from raw to sprout because it helps to grow faster and live slim life.

Alfalfa Seeds

Castor Seed

Castors seeds are purely oil seeds that we all know very well but the thing make them more popular is their toxicity. These seeds are highly toxic with ricin, achieved world record for its toxicity and now they are used just for oil extraction. India is largest producer for castor oil seeds in the world with remarkable yearly production of approximately 1 million tons.

Castor Seeds

Cotton Seed

Cotton seeds can be obtained from cotton flowers that are fluffy in white colors and these seeds can only be used for cotton growing. Cotton is one of the cash crops as we all know but seeds of cotton also play important role because it is the main content for production of clothing across the globe. The largest producers of cotton in the world are China, India, United States and Pakistan.

Cotton Seeds

Flax Seed

Flax seeds are yellowish to golden color seeds that are also known as linseed and it is found as useful product for many products like fabric, dye, paper, medicines, cosmetics and hunting supplies. If we go through its cultivation so Canada, Russia and Ukraine are the top producers for linseeds in the world.

Flax Seeds

Hemp Seed

Hemp seeds are used for making insulation materials, clothing, adhesives and some biodegradable plastics. It is a great dietary supplement so used for making slimming medicines along with that it is a great biofuel that made the history of energy saving with its effectiveness. China is largest producer for hemp seeds among all big producers with annual production of 79 percent of the entire world.

Hemp Seeds

Hybrid Seed

Hybrid seeds are those seeds that are used to combine two different flowers, fruits or vegetables to form new species. Results of hybrid seeds are great so they have great demands in global markets for different purposes from health to food.

Hybrid Seeds

Jatropha Seed

Jatropha seeds are used for production of oil and they found as a great biodiesel fuel and the thing that makes it so popular is maximum production with less area. Jatropha seeds are toxic to use in raw form so be careful with that because the largest producer United States reports several cases every year.

Jatropha Seeds

Oil Seed

Oil seeds are those seeds which are used to extract oils so it doesn’t matter from where these seeds came from. Some common types of seeds that found useful for extraction of oils are palm seeds, soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower seeds, peanut seeds, coconut, olive and corn seeds.

Oil Seeds

Rape Seed

Rapeseeds are widely used for making different agriculture products and fuels. History shows that rapeseed oil was used for powering steam engines in early 19th century so later the fuel is converted into the biodiesel form that puts away the global energy wastage. So, five largest producers for rapeseeds are China, India, Canada, Germany and France where China produces more than 13 million metric ton every year.

Rape Seeds

Safflower Seed

Safflower seeds are one of historical seeds that are used for oil extraction from the dates of ancient Egyptians. Besides that, safflower seeds are found as useful for making different products like food flavors, food colors, medicines and dyes. Today, the cultivation of safflower seeds are produced in India and United States with leading production quantities.

Safflower Seeds

Sesame Seed

Sesame seeds are one of the most useful seeds that are being in used for different nutrient products from medicines to food items. Sesame seeds are largely produced around the world because of its uses like sesame oil, sesame breads, bread sticks and some other bakery products. In Pakistan and India, loafs are treated with sesame because of its crispy flavor so the largest producers are Burma, India and China.

Sesame Seeds

Sunflower Seed

Sunflower seeds are very useful seeds that can be seen in many cuisines, raw foods, nutrition bars and the most useful products are sunflower oils that we use for cooking, baking and taking health benefits. It is black color seed if has shell that is grown mainly in the countries like Russia, Ukraine, China and India.

Sunflower Seeds
Seeds are considered as very useful raw materials for making different types of agriculture and biological products like cooking oils, foodstuffs, fuels, flavors, coloring agents and even for biofuels. If you are looking for global seeds suppliers or seeds importers, TradeFord.com is the place where you can find reputable importers & exporters to fulfill each others requirement.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jul 04 2012

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