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Types of Plastics

Plastics are no doubt a great source of cost-effective production for many daily usage products either soap dish or cars’ interior. Basically, different plastic raw materials play specific roles for the production of products according to needs. Some of these plastic raw materials are highly moldable, some have capability to disposed-off and remaining are considered as so reliable materials. Hence, every material has functionality that creating difference between each other. Here, I multiplied some of the plastic raw materials I found most commonly used in our routine products.


ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene founded as one of the useful light weight plastic raw materials on this planet. There is a versatile range of products made up of ABS materials and supposed as powerful, so some of them are pipe systems, musical instruments, automotive components & parts, medical devices, personal safety products and shock absorbers. According to TradeFord.com Importer page, France, USA, Hong Kong, Italy and Japan are the leading importers for ABS Materials.

ABS Raw Materials


Expanded Polystyrene or EPS is one of the major plastic raw material can be seen in many routine products. It has maximum disposability that’s why it is mostly founded as disposable shaving razors, cups, lids, electronics packaging and hard CD covers. EPS is one of the plastic raw materials found in the form of grains and can easily be converted into finished goods via injection molding processes.

EPS Raw Materials


EVA Slippers are considered as one of the most comfortable footwear to be worn. Basically, EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and it is a plastic raw material mostly used in shoes. It is famous among shoe makers because of its flexibility, comfortable behavior, softness and shock absorbance. EVA mostly found in the form of milky liquid chemicals and it is mostly found in finished products like hot-melt adhesives, cleats, glues and rubber foam.

EVA Raw Materials


HDPE or High Density Polyethylene found mostly in the form of granules and it can be converted into finished products through different easy processes like injection molding. HDPE raw material has varied through different shapes like crystals, granules, grains and powder. HDPE can be seen as finished product in bottles & caps, food containers, ballistic plates, backpacking frames, folding chairs, folding tables, plastic bags, water pipes and it is considered as one of the highly recyclables as compared to other plastic raw materials.

HDPE Granules


High Impact Polystyrene is recyclable, disposable and healthy plastic used most in medical devices, medical disposables and other personal hygiene products. HIPS as one of the highly impacted plastic raw materials provides durability and found mostly in grain form as a raw material.

HIPS Raw Materials


Low Density Polyethylene or LDPE was most usable plastic raw materials for many products but its usage is banned for some finished products but not completely. LDPE can be purchased in granular form and it is used as medical disposables and medicine vials. It was banned as plastic shopping bags because they normally caused drainage problems.

LDPE Raw Materials


LLDPE or Linear Low Density Polyethylene can be considered as one of the lowest quality of plastic raw materials but its usage differentiates it clearly from LDPE. In 2009, the world market of LLDPE reached to 17 Billion GBPs. LLDPE mostly found in crystalline form as a raw material and it can be used for many commercial and residential applications like stretch wrap, plastic bags, pouches, toys, lids, pipes, geomembranes and cable covers.

LLDPE Granules


PA or Polyamide can be seen in many textile products, carpets, sportswear and cushions as a liner called nylon. PA is a plastic raw material mostly found in its molecular form and can be obtained through many online resources for finished goods productions. PA has extreme strength that made it durable for any type of clothing.

PA Plastic Material


Poly butylene Terephthalate or PBT is one of the commonest plastic raw materials that belong to the family of thermoplastic polymers. It has toughest nature so it is mostly used as showerheads, hair irons, plug connectors, automotive door handles.

PBT Raw Granules


Polycarbonate is one of the casual thermoplastic polymers mostly seen as the finished products like electronic components, building materials, security components, fashion accessories and DVDs & CDs. Polycarbonate can be easily molded and thermoformed so it is found in different fields of life. China is one of the largest producers for polycarbonate consumer products.

PC Granules


PET is short form of Poly Ethylene Terephthalate which is common thermoplastic resin used to produce various consumer and non-consumer goods like bottles, feeders, containers and various storage boxes. It is highly recyclable plastic raw material and found mostly in resin form that can be converted into finished goods via injection molding production processes.

PET Raw Materials


Poly Methyl Methacrylate or PMMA is used to describe an art because this is a crystal thermoplastic raw material. PMMA can be seen in many innovative and artistic products like key chains, airplane models, acrylic glass and much more. PMMA mostly found in the form of crystals, grains, granules and these can be purchased from various Chinese suppliers.

PMMA Resins


Poly Oxy Methylene or POM is not so common plastic raw materials but it has some lacks that make it degraded than others. It is mostly used in big industries like mechanical gears, sliding elements, insulators, bobbins, vehicle tanks, zippers and bagpipes. POM is not recyclable and so sensitive on oxidation and acids that’s why it is degraded from many major applications.

POM Raw Granules


PP or Polypropylene is the largest used plastic raw material can be seen in many applications of life like packaging, labeling, lids, furniture, bottles, cans, containers and much more. It is recyclable that’s why it is common in all sorts of industries. It is found so useful for storing foods because considered as one of the healthiest packaging ever.

PP Raw Materials


PS or Polystyrene, we formerly defined its sub categories EPS and HIPS. Polystyrene is contented for many disposable product productions like beverage bottles, toothbrushes, shaving razors and plastic glass. It is one of the thermoplastic polymers founded mostly in the form of granules from many Chinese suppliers.

PS Raw Materials


Poly-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene or PTFE is only the plastic raw material used for coating the non-stick frying pans and it is commonly known as Teflon. It is considered as most important because of its burn resistant quality. PTFE usually available in the form of chemical coating that can be purchased through various online PTFE suppliers.

PTFE Raw Materials


PVC is so common type of plastic raw material chemically named as “Poly Vinyl Chloride”. PVC is one of the helpful resources to recycle the usable products and disposed-off the disposable products. PVC can be obtained in many forms from granules to crystals and powder. China is one of the largest importers for PVC raw materials across the globe.

PVC Raw Granules


TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers. Some people call it as Thermoplastic Rubber or TPR because it has some straining qualities like rubbers. Basically, they are tiny pieces of rubbers when in raw form but can be converted into many large products like weather-stripping car profiles and the process involved in production of TPE finished products are injection molding and compression molding.

TPE Raw Materials


TPU is one of the most common types of plastics also known as Thermoplastic Polyurethane. It is thermoplastic polymer used in many applications like caster wheels, medical devices, power tools, sports items, footwear, films & sheets and much more. There are so many processes involved to form this plastic raw material into finished goods like injection molding and hot-melt press.

TPU Raw Materials
Now, plastics play vital role in our routine lives from daily use products to airplane interiors, car models to toys and building structures to home appliances; approximately everything is converted into the global village of plastics.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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