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Types of Personal Computers

Computers that are focus-fully designed for individual users and purposes are known as Personal Computers. All personal computers are based on the microprocessor technology that provides manufacturers to put an entire CPU on one chip. In businesses personal computers are used for accounting, running spreadsheets, database management and many purposes like that. At home, PCs are used for playing games, surfing internet, doing studies, graphic designing and other educational purposes like that.
The first Personal Computer was the Apple II which is designed by Apple Computers in 1977. Furthermore, personal computers have so many types according to needs and designs that are available in markets. Moreover, these computers are also depended upon sizes and chassis for different usages.


In desktop models the monitor sitting on the top of the computer. In early days like IBM PC were desktop models which cases are horizontally oriented. Desktop models are limited to three internal mass storage devices. These models are very small and referred to as slimline models.

Desktop PC


A laptop computer is a type of personal computers. In laptop computers, including a keyboard, touchpad, display screen and speakers compiled into a single unit. It is powered by electricity via an AC adapter whereas Laptops are also called notebook computers or notebooks. The first computer described as laptop released in 1983 by Manuel Fernandez that was too bulky in size but assumed as portable one at that time.



Notebooks computers are very light in weight as compare to laptop computers. Its weight is less than six pounds and placed it easily in briefcase. The basic difference between the personal computer and notebooks is display screen. In notebook computers use flat panel technologies to produce non-bulky display screen. If we talk about computing power, modern notebook computers are nearly equivalent to personal computers. Notebook computers are more expensive than regular sized computers.



It is an informal classification of personal computers. But when tablet PCs are coming in market netbooks are less common. Netbooks have ranged size of 5 inch screen diagonal and its weight is approx one kg or 2 to 3 pounds. The netbboks trend came from Toshiba who launched the Libretto 6 inch netbook whose weight is 840g in early 1996 then Asus made first netbook it is sold over 300000 units in four months. Dell, Acer and the other companies also took note and producing inexpensive netbooks.


Tablet PC

It is a mobile computer which is larger than PDA or a mobile phone. Tablet computer integrated with touch screen rather than using physical keyboard and also using digital pen. In tablet PC you can get a lot of functions like cell phone functions, wireless internet, GPS navigation and a video camera. Its weight is varies from 1 to 1.5 kg. Its battery life is three to ten hours. In2000s Microsoft attempted to make a Microsoft Tablet Pc but it is failed because of high cost. But in April 2010 Apple Inc. released the iPad which is low in cost and increased usability as well as battery life.

Tablet PC

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

PDA or Personal Digital Assistant is a device which can combines Telephone, fax, computing as well as networking features. The basic functions of PDAs are as a mobile phone, email sender, fax sender, and personal organizer. Most PDAs are pen-based rather than a keyboard for input. The first PDA Newton Message Pad launched by Apple in 1993. Due to their high prices and less applications PDAs get modest success in market. The other names of PDAs are palmtops, pocket computer and hand-held computer.


Computer Peripherals

The device which is connected to a host computer, but not part of it is called peripheral device. These are also called input or output devices. Input, Output & Storage are main types of computer peripherals. A device such as Headphones, Joysticks, Keyboards, Monitors, Mouse, Speakers, USB Gadgets, USB Hubs, Webcams are known as Peripherals Devices.

Computer Peripherals
Furthermore, new technologies for personal computers come very quickly and every new technology beats the old one. That’s why large personal computers converted into small books that come into the pockets of consumers.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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