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Trade Intelligence Discussion Forum provides Trade Intelligence articles on quick tips, how tos and Trade Intelligence discussions on market trends, suppliers and a lot more.

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Start Responsive Trading Today

Running trade businesses are not as easy as they seen! Many people sacrificed their experiences on business to get the high reputations in market. Generation of reve...

Posted by: Chin on May 25 2012

How to Verify a Scammer?

You won’t find the historical definition about them. They are old as we are and have a hawk eye on our money. They are surprisingly ready to steal your money at any ...

Posted by: Daisy on May 30 2012

Required information over HS codes?

I need some information over HS codes. I am exporting some goods like shirts, pants, watches and fashion jewelry from UK to Italy. I want to know is HS codes for the...

Posted by: Kei on May 31 2012 Category: Business

Is certificate of origin necessary?

For my new order I need to export some goods out of China and I need your help in few manners. Is it necessary to print on goods “Made in China” and present the c...

Posted by: Kei on May 31 2012 Category: Business

Interesting Facts about Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

We have lots of products made up of plastic in our hands. From toothbrush to airplane everything is incomplete without the plastic. Plastic is one of the important r...

Posted by: Chin on Jun 01 2012

Types of Beans & Bean Products

Bean is a common plant seeds and grain too that we use in our routine lives for gathering protein, vitamins and fulfilling our hunger. Beans are one of the main cuis...

Posted by: Murad on Jun 06 2012

Common Types of Clothing

Clothing is a need of men from the start of society because it helps us to protect from many elements like weather and insect bites. Clothing is mainly used for cove...

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

List of Computer Peripherals

Devices that are connected to host computer, but not part of it are usually known as peripheral devices also called input or output devices. Such devices are Headpho...

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

Top 10 B2B Websites

Modern Technology has converted the World into a Global Village which has boosted the need in International Trade Community of having access to global markets to bui...

Posted by: Murad on Jun 26 2012

Types of Concrete Equipment

A good constructor can be justified though his intelligence! Here, the intelligence means how he manages his construction by consuming less time, less labor, less ex...

Posted by: Mukesh on Jul 02 2012

Belgium's Major Exports

Belgium is the first country to undergo an industrial revolution on the continent of Europe which located in Western Europe. According to Wikipedia its major export ...

Posted by: Ja on Jul 30 2012 Category: Business

How to make successful business with foreign customers?

It is very important to take utmost care of few questions when you establishing a business relations with foreign customers. Here are the some useful tips, which wil...

Posted by: Jeffrey on Nov 08 2012 Category: Business

How to Find Local Freight Forwarders in China?

Nowadays, trade industry of china is growing rapidly, especially in the business of freight forwarding. There are lots of companies involved in this business and ear...

Posted by: Nitin on Nov 08 2012 Category: Business

What is the best way to transfer payment in international trading?

Transferring payment internationally has a time-consuming and expensive process. If you are a global importer or supplier then you should have knowledge of how to tr...

Posted by: Nitin on Nov 08 2012 Category: Business

Which countries are not trade with USA?

List of countries US can't trade or work with • Cuba • Iran • Syria • Sudan • N. Korea ...

Posted by: Jeffrey on Nov 13 2012 Category: Business

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