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Top 10 Gemstones

Nature is mother for all creativities on this universe! Nature has rewarded us with different stones that have colors to attract mankind thinking to go in deep and sometimes we feel their preciousness as on its peak. These stones are known as gemstones because of their attraction which comes from regular to irregular shapes, glow to matte shines and powerful colors. Some strange facts that make them more precious are people supposed them lucky for them whereas nutritionists suggest gemstones as healthy to be worn. Basically, they are purely minerals as they found sometimes from earth surface and sometimes found under sea. Here are Top 10 Gemstones that should be worn once in a life!


Diamonds are one of those natural gemstones that got fame because of their nobility that comes from different colors, attractive shapes and reliability among different gemstones. Basically, they found crystalline form from the allotropes of carbon minerals and used for making jewelry and abrasives for jewelry. It is a common fact that pure diamond is always invisible in water so most of the women love to wear diamond jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, pendants and rings. Common Types of Diamonds are pink, yellow, white, champagne, green and CZ.

Diamonds Gemstones


Emerald is greenish crystal gemstone mostly found in jewelry items like rings and pendants. The pure emerald can be judged through its color tone which starts from medium green and ends with dark green. People mostly use emeralds for sharpening their minds because most of the psychiatrics think that emeralds should be worn to avoid neurological disorders. Whereas, Red Beryl Emeralds are rarely found gemstones that have worth more than US $ 10,000 per Carat!

Red Emerald Gemstones


Garnets are one of the historical gemstones that named garnet because of its dark red color which attracts someone strangely. Garnets are usually used for art crafts, jewelry and abrasives. In health, people who have lack of confidence and security usually used these stone as in pendant and ring form. Blue garnets are found rarely so they are one of the most expansive stones on earth.

Garnet Gemstones


Morganites are rarely found earth minerals or gemstones and also known as rose beryl or pink emerald because of its beautiful pinkish to red colors. Morganites are used for bringing sympathy, love, affection and patience in life so they usually carved in the form of jewelry to get all the attractions.

Morganite Gemstones


Opals are one of those gemstones that Australia produces in leading quantity, same here with approx. 97% production of entire world. Opals are not minerals at all and considered as most attractive & expansive because of its diffractions with light. They are one of the highly consumed gemstones for jewelry but the black opal is one that has worth more than US $ 2000 per carat.

Black Opal Gemstones


Ruby is pure red colored gemstone that is also known as blooded gemstones and demanded in the markets according to its colors’ thickness. The most demanded one ruby gemstone is pigeon blood-colored that is used for making jewelry items like bracelets, anklets and pendants. Ruby is beautiful stone that found useful for blood-flow, depressions and controls the economic problems.

Pigeon Blood Red Ruby


Sapphire, a pure mineral gemstone used for making expansive jewelry found in different color textures from sky blue to dark purple. Sapphire mainly found in rings, armlets, necklaces and bracelets because of its unbelievable beauty that speaks itself. Sapphire has quality to pure the mind, spiritual enlightenment and rehabilitates peace.

Sapphire Gemstones


Tanzanite is found as one of the useful gemstones because it has qualities to enhance the connections with soul and focus through works. It was named as Tanzanite because it was founded first time from Meeerani Hills, Tanzania in 1967. Tanzanite has ability to attract peoples toward it because of great color combination from blue to purple and pink to red with crystal shapes.

Tanzanite Gemstones


Tourmaline specified into different varieties because of its great color combinations like dark yellow, blue, red, brownish, pinkish, green and even colorless. Tourmaline is great multicolored gemstone that has enough potential to increase your peace, protection and focus though work. The unique thing in greenish tourmaline that it has pure watermelon looks so it is also from the family of rarely found gemstones.

Tourmaline Gemstones


Zircon is one of the common gemstones that can be seen in most of the jewelry items but the thing makes it more special is its colors. It can be found in many colors from black, pink, red, hazel and brown but all the colors boost its importance more than ever. Zircon is perfect match for the people who love to wear gemstones jewelry with costs less than others.

Zircon Gemstones

Posted by: Mukesh on Jul 06 2012

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