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the difference between roughing and finely select of flotation machine

Floating concentrator flotation machine is referred to, is to make it for froth flotation machinery. Mainly used for sorting copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other metals, can be used for non-metallic such as: coal, fluorite, talc crude selection and selection.
Flotation machine flotation requires not only adequate mineral monomer dissociation, and require a suitable selected granularity. Mine is too coarse, even minerals have been monomer dissociation, due to exceeding the carrying capacity of floating bubbles, often can not afford to float. All kinds of different flotation size limit, such as sulphide minerals generally 0.2-0.25 mm, 0.25-0.3 mm non-sulfide minerals, for some small non-metallic mineral density such as coal, etc., can also increase the size limit. However, the grind size too small (eg less than 0.01 mm) is also unfavorable for flotation. Practice has proved that various size of the flotation behavior there is a difference. Different mineral flotation has its optimal size range.
Monomer dissociation in mineral particles under the premise, coarse grinding, flotation can save costs, reduce processing costs. Disseminated in dealing with non-uniform and large porphyry copper ore when roughing in ensuring recovery of the premise, after a roughing flotation trend. However, since the coarser mineral particles is relatively heavy, difficult to suspension in the flotation machine, collision probability of the bubble decreases, the air bubbles adhering force due to fall off, easy to fall off. Thus, coarse ore particles in the general process conditions, the flotation effect is poor, in order to improve the flotation of coarse, the following special process conditions may be used.

Posted by: Vipeakcindy on Sep 27 2013

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