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The best car perfume

Who on earth doesn\'t love the smell of a newly bought car? But, no sooner you start driving it, and your car interior gets used on a daily basis, that fresh smell disappears and in its place a not-so-pleasant smell of a \"used car\" starts filling the nooks and corners. So, how to keep your car interiors clean and sparkling for a long time? How to make your car smell as fresh as it were when for the first time you drove it out from the showroom? Here are few simple tips on how to keep your car interior and car interior accessories clean and fresh smelling

Keep Car Interiors Clutter-free
Long drives and major road trips often mean a few piles of clutter. Unintended spills are not uncommon either. So, when you finally get back to your den or stop for fuel somewhere on your way, take time to throw away all the used beverage bottles, paper cups and tissues. Hiring a professional for the cleaning job is even better an idea. Use non-toxic car upholstery cleaner and neutralizer to eliminate unpleasant odors, without spoiling your car accessories.

Treat Car Interior Accessories with Stain Repellent
Modern cars and vehicles always come with car interior upholstery treated with stain repellents, but with time their absorption power starts diminishing. This happens more with car interior accessories that are used more often. Do tend to them in time. Spray upholstery stain repellents like Scotch Guard and prevent your car interiors from getting stained every now and then. This will also stop your car from smelling foul.

Smoking Is Injurious to Your Car\'s Health
Seriously, it is! Tobacco is one of the most obstinate of all things that are notorious for spreading odors. And once your car interior accessories get used to them, it becomes very difficult to take the odor off them. It also increases your car insurance rates and decreases the resale value of your car.

Quick Fixes for A Stain-free Car Interior
To deal with accidental spills on a long commute, use absorbent Towels and wet wipes. Carry these stuff in an emergency kits, and your leather car interiors will sparkle even after you return from a long drive.

Skip Oily Junks
Skip oily snacks and fast foods, even if not for the sake of your health, for the sake of your favorite car. The lesser the oil and drips, the cleaner and happier the interiors of your car.
Avoid Skin Contact with Car Interior Accessories
Seat protectors or car interior covers are a must for all car owners, more so if you use your vehicle for transporting kids or pets on a regular basis. This barrier between your skin and car upholstery help prevent your car interior accessories from coming in contact with the odor-causing microorganisms that are there in sweat. Plus, natural oils in skin also attract much dirt and grime.

Use Car Perfumes for A Fragrant Interior
Car perfumes and car air fresheners have undergone a sea change over the years. Today there are more choices than ever when it comes to freshening car interiors. You can choose from a wide array of aromatherapy oils and other simple fragrances like diffusers to refresh your car interior.

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The best car perfume

Posted by: penny on Mar 20 2012

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