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Pakistani Fresh Fruits Guide

Pakistan is blessed with too many natural resources and fresh fruits are one of them. The country is enriched with many types of fresh fruits and is contributing well in overall pakistani exports. Have a look to the top pakistani fresh fruits:

Fresh Mangos

Mango, also known as "King of the Fruits" is one of the major summer crops and the largest eaten fresh fruit of Pakistan. Mango is a great source of Vitamin A, B, C and contains proteins, sugar, fibers, water and iron. There are more than 100 varieties of Pakistani Mango that includes Anwar Ratole, Began Phali, Chaunsa, Dusheri, Fajri, Fazli, Gulab Khasa, Jannat-ul-Firdos, Lab-e-Mashooq, Langra, Neelum, Saleh Bhai, Saharni, Sindhri, Siroli, Summer Behist Chaunsa, Swarnarika, Zafran, Desi, Neelam, Tota Pari and without any doubt no mango from anyother origin can beat pakistani mangoes in taste.
Pakistani Mangoes, Fresh Mango

Fresh Oranges (Citrus, Mandarin)

Pakistan grows its second major exporting fresh fruits, i.e. Oranges (Citrus, Mandarin) during the months of November to April. Sargodha (lies from 150 k/m soutwest of capital Islamabad) is the hub of harvesting Citrus. Pakistan is contributing approx. 2.5% of worlds mandarin exports of $33 million value. Pakistani Oranges are commonly known as “Kinnow” in the area.
Pakistani Oranges

Fresh Guava

Pakistan has great market of fresh guavas. It is one of the major exporting fresh fruits of Pakistan which has good quality and delicious to eat.
Pakistani Guavas

Fresh Peach

Pakistan exports large number of peaches every year across the world. Fresh Peach from Pakistan are the fresh fruits that have good taste and attractive in size.
Pakistani Peach

Fresh Dates

Dates found one of the most eaten fresh fruits on this planet. Pakistan has great market for fresh dates that are packaged mostly in gift boxes and cartons for exporting throughout the world. Sukkur and Khairpur (Mirs) is major date growing regions in the country and are famous globally due to their delicious pakistani fresh dates.
Pakistani Dates, Fresh Dates

Custard Apple

Pakistan grows good quality custard apples every year for fulfilling world import demands. It is not a major export of Pakistan, but it has good taste and quality that make it possible to export.
Pakistani Custard Apple

Long Mulberries

Long mulberries (locally known as Shehtoot) are black in color mostly grown in the month of March to June. Pakistan exports long black mulberries every year in the form of fresh and dried.
Pakistani Mulberries

Fresh Grapes

Grapes is a great source of Vitamin C mostly grow in the northern regions of Pakistan. Pakistani Grapes are available in different species and colors that includes black, dark blue, yellow, green and pink. Grapes can eaten raw and also used for making jams, juices, jelly, vinegar, grape seed extracts, and raisins. Season of Grapes starts from June to October.
Pakistani Grapes


Pakistani farmers have great experience to grow watermelons in summers. Pakistan produces watermelons in large quantity and fulfills its own demands.
Pakistani Watermelon


Pakistan produces good quality pinkish strawberries every year. You may find these sweet strawberry gift boxes from Pakistan everywhere in the local and international market.
Pakistani Strawberry


Likewise strawberry, cherry is one of the nutrient fresh fruits contain anthocyanins, the red pigment in berries. Ziarat (Situated 133 k/m from Quetta) is one of the main grower of Cherries in Pakistan.
Pakistani Cherry

Fresh Apples

Apple is a all season fruit and pakistan harvests good quality apples throughout the year. It is one of the major fresh fruits of Pakistan available in many species. Pakistan ranked in top 15 with approx. 600,000 tons of apple production. Swat, Dir, Mansehra, Parachinar, Chitral, Hunza, North & South Waziristan Agencies and Ziarat are the top growing areas of Apple in Pakistan.
Pakistani Apple

Fresh Banana

Banana is also known as "All Season Fruit" and is one of the main fresh fruit of Pakistan available in variety of sizes and colors including green, yellow, purple and red. Bananas is eaten raw and also used in puddings, custurds, gourmets, cream pie, foster, sauce, split & medicated skincare creams. Pakistani Bananas have good fame across the world.
Pakistani Banana


A tropical fresh fruit of Pakistan, coconut is one of the major commodities of Pakistan which can be seen everywhere in the country with good quality.
Pakistani Coconut
Pakistan B2B Marketplace has widest selection of fresh fruits according to seasonal and non-seasonal. These fresh fruits of Pakistan are all nutrient and can be purchased from many local and international markets.

Posted by: Murad on Jun 06 2012

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