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List of Furniture Types & their uses

Furniture is a complete product to organize your drawing, dining, living and bedrooms and so they are available in different materials like wood, plastic, glass, metal and many more according to community needs and demands. Furthermore, furniture may consists of objects like beds, desks, tables, dressers, cupboards and much more that kept in home to make comfortable feeling for living, working and resting. Here are the some commonly used furniture types that made our routine lives easy and prosper.


It is a type of furniture which is used for sleeping or resting and these modern beds consist of a mattress, wooden frame and supports. Bed sizes are varied according to sleeper’s size and demands of consumers. In most of countries the standard size of double bed is 4’6” to 6’3”. Interestingly, the longest bed was made in 1580 which size is 10 ft 7 in by 11 ft 1 in. It is now placed in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. Beds


Benches are types of furniture which is used for sitting and taking a rest after a long walk. Benches are typically made up of wooden material but also stone material benches are found in the market. Benches are used for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Bench


Cabinets are basically used for storing miscellaneous items like books, clothes and other things that need to be saved. Normally, they are box shaped furniture with doors and drawers that can be locked if necessary. Modern Cabinets are made up of synthetic materials like fibers, aluminum and plastics. There are two basic types of cabinets that are available in market and known as framed and frameless. Cabinets are mainly used in kitchens, bathrooms and other areas where storage is required. Cabinet


Basically, it is main type of furniture that is used for sitting of one person at the time. Chairs consist of four legs, a sitter, arms and back support. A lot of stylish and modern chairs are available in market for attraction of users that wants to show off their luxury. Chairs can be formed in different materials like wood, plastic, metal and even in stones. Chairs


Basically, cupboards are mothers of cabinets and used indoors to store food crockery and textiles to protect them from dust, theft and misuse. Cupboards are one of the useful storage resources that can be seen in offices for storing files and other important documents. Moreover, cupboards are classically varied into two main types:
  • Airing Cupboard
  • Linen Cupboard


Desks are often used in a school or office setting for reading, writing and taking meal. It may have one or more drawers commonly stores necessary supplies and trays for placing computer peripherals. In starts of last century, it was made for office and homework but now it is widely used for laptop working. It is mainly made of wooden but also other materials of desks are available for attraction and durability. Desk


It is an architectural structure that designed to contains a fire for heating when there is cold. In early 80s, residential fireplaces were not so common than they are seen today everywhere in the houses as a decoration piece. Fireplaces are portable and also fixed, portable fireplaces have two types: Masonry Fireplaces: This type of fireplaces is made up of bricks or stones. Manufactured Fireplaces: This type of fireplace is made with sheet metal fire boxes. Fireplace


Sofa is considered as a main type of furniture which is mostly used for sitting and resting. It is designed to seat more than one person and can be seen mostly in offices, dining rooms, waiting rooms and living rooms in front of TV. Wooden sofa demand is very high in the market but also steel, plastic or other materials of sofa is available in the market that attracts the customers most. Sofa


A wardrobe or armoire is a type of storage cabinet which is used for holding clothes to keep it away from dust and harmful insects. It is available in wooden material but metal wardrobes are also available for those people who love the durability. Wardrobes are varied according to styles, typically there are three styles available:
  • American style wardrobe
  • UK style wardrobe
  • Italian style wardrobeWardrobe
Wardrobe Prior to all of the information, these furniture types made our live prosper to live when we feel unrest but we just need to choose the right one for the right necessity. Furniture are categorically arranged according to person’s requirements and these sets can be purchased from online and offline markets with great discounts.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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