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Learn about History & Types of Cameras

Camera is a kind of imaging device which captures your imaginations on to the piece of film or paper. This was quite old and simple definition to define the camera and its beneficial features. Camera is one of the most comprehensive sources to snapped-in your imaginations to a piece of paper, film or memory sticks. It would be your best pal when you’re travelling or your requirements to record a lecture in a class. Somehow, it changed our lives by online accessing, multi-tasking, recording and much more features that show us the next doors of technology. Here are some innovations that make the camera better than the older one.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras are one of the most innovative innovations of the previous century that changed our perceptions for imagination. Digital cameras are fast imaging products that were invented to capture the pictures with the help of lens fixed inside camera. Additionally, digital cameras were introduced to enhance portability of imagination globally by compact size, memory sticks instead of films, rechargeable batteries instead of pencil cells and external xenon flashes. These cameras vary from megapixels, picture resolution, lens size and different functionalities. Digital Cameras

Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frame was firstly introduced by China in early 21st century to enhance the visibility of your office desks and side tables. Don’t consider it only a decoration piece because digital photo frame can do as much as you think. Newly born digital photo frames have many exciting features like large screen, touch sensors, USB support, memory cards, built-in speakers and microphone. Digital Photo Frames

Film Cameras

So, we are now in the history of cameras that were used PVC Films to store the pictures. That was the era changing innovative product of that time when people messed most around camera shops to get the films for their cameras. Film Cameras were one which consumed most of the energy in the form of batteries but today most of film cameras that are used for still advertising are cost effective to use and expansive to purchase. Film Cameras

Video Cameras

You may see the variety of video cameras around you that are designed for your personal and commercial video recording requirements. Video cameras recordings are also based on CDs, films, memory sticks and magnetic tapes like still cameras and photo frames. Video cameras have additionally built-in specialties to entertain the user most like exposure control, frame rates, auto focus and shutters. Video Cameras


Camcorders are compact form of video and digital cameras that can perform some additional functions as compared to normal cameras and has a tiny LCD for real time view. Camcorders are one of the most forms of consumer electronics that have credit to achieve the maximum functionality in very little time. Some new features like High Definition, motion sensors, auto focus, focus gain and accelerometer made them healthier than previous. Camcorders

Camera Accessories

Camera accessories are the parts and supplies that are used to enhance the camera features, visibility and portability. Some of the accessories can be are most commonly seen if you have digital cameras are rechargeable batteries, batteries, leather pouches, ribbons, memory cards, lens covers, external xenon flash, chargers and USB cables. Camera Accessories Hence every camera has its own demand in market because of its functional expandability, durability and portability. Most commonly, these cameras made our lives so simple to catch our imaginations with their high accuracy features.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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