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Interesting Facts about Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

We have lots of products made up of plastic in our hands. From toothbrush to airplane everything is incomplete without the plastic. Plastic is one of the important raw materials of this century. Raw plastic is in granular form and then it is converted into plastic products. This process is usually known as injection molding.

You may see many products made up after the processes of injection molding. Basically, injection molding takes place by the help of plastic machine that is known as injection molding machine. This is used to make finished products through the granules of plastics.

When trade started through ships and people were thinking what to be imported to the countries next to them. Suddenly the idea came up in one’s mind to trade with these machines and now injection molding machine is one of the important plastic machinery of the century.

You will see many finished products around you made up of this machine. Your toothbrush, shaving razor and even your laptop is made up of injection molding machine. It changed our perception of easiness under production. Most of the big consumer products brands are using these machines for their production methods.

How the process works? The whole process is consisted upon just few steps. When thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials collaborate with the help of heating units the plastic turns into melted form. The plastic machinery operator molds the melted plastic into the finished goods with the help of plastic molds. Mold is a part of that machine which is normally made up of steel or aluminum used to shape the melted plastic. After the shape gained, plastic leaved to be hardened. Whereas, if we give name to the processes so they are: sandwich molding, Fusible core molding, Gas assisted molding, Injection compression molding, Insert & outsert molding, micro-layer molding, Microcellular molding and Water injection molding.

Plastic molding or injection molding machinery consists of one heating unit, material hopper, injection ram or sometimes a plunger and mold. Mold is also known as die which is used to shape the plastic raw material in the form of finished product as we mentioned previously. Press is a part of machine which holds the mold firmly. An electrical unit is used to convert the electricity into energy.

Plastic Machinery is one of the most exported items in the world as we discussed previously. It is being exported from many times to various parts of the world. So, it is necessary to be discussed here the leading injection molding machine importers and injection molding machine exporters.

Like the other industries of the world, China is leading exporter for injection molding machine. Plastic machinery is the major exporting commodity of this country from many years but they import plastic raw materials from other countries. The second behemoth of the injection molding industry is India. The third largest exporter of injection molding machines in the world is Hong Kong.

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Interesting Facts about Plastic Injection Molding Machinery

Posted by: Chin on Jun 01 2012

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