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Heavy Construction Equipment Guide

Construction machinery is one if the neediest things while you plan to construct somewhere a giant shopping plaza or reconstructing a children playground. These construction machinery help in many ways like reducing your time of production, increases productivity levels with less workforce and the third important thing is it will save your precious which you would spent on other necessary expenditure. Construction machinery has varied according to uses in different fields of construction from demolition to reconstruction. The most interesting part of the construction machinery that it gives you the better compatibility to every need of construction. There are some general construction equipment necessary to be discussed here are as follows:


The backhoe loader consists of a tractor, hydraulic boom-arm, stabilizer legs, bucket-attachment, front loader, driver-cab and engine. Backhoe loader consumes diesel as a fuel and perform the function that named it backhoe. It basically fight from behind when in construction like it digs or trenches the field from its digging bucket which is on back and the front loader pull all the rubbish away!


Likewise its name, Bulldozers work as same as bull and dozers. Dozers have big horizontal abrasive plates on front that collect and ditch the sand, rock or stones from the ground and throw them away where necessary. Dozers interestingly compact the time of construction by its fast moving tracks instead of tires. Moreover, some bulldozers are mini in size and used big rubber tires for moving steadily on non-plain grounds. Visit this source to learn about different types of bulldozers.


Compactors mean to use where the compaction is needed and these giant machineries don’t worry about the size of object. Compactors usually compact the sizes of objects like when ground surface is needed to be surfaced, so external force implemented by compaction vehicle compacts the size of ground. Furthermore, compaction vehicle is big enemy of useless cars and electronics besides construction!
Soil Compactor


Thinking to crush a large amount of rocks into sand, obviously the crusher machine will help you in this case. Crusher equipment is mostly used for construction purposes to crush the concrete or rocks into small pieces or sometimes into powder form to make it useful where necessary. Crushers have basically five types jaw crusher, compound crusher, gyratory crusher, cone crusher and impact crushers. All of these have different sorts of works according to their sizes and specialties. Learn about all types of crushers.
Hammer Crushers

Drilling Rigs

Drilling rig is basically a machine, sometimes a track-mounted vehicle, used to drill the ground to obtain oil or water from its surface. Drilling rigs classified through its different uses like power, pipe, height and rotation methods. Besides that, drilling rig is one of the useful construction machineries which helps through its pump system that sucks all the water from ground needed to be avoided before construction.
Drilling Rigs


It is one of the most favorite construction machineries for most of the constructers worldwide. Excavator is heavy construction equipment which acts main role in construction by pulling up big solid or liquid objects from ground and throw them away where necessary. Excavator consists of a hydraulic boom-stick, bucket-attachment, driver-cabin and stabilizers. It helps to reduce the time of construction through its long boom-arm, big buckets and several other attachments. Learn about all types of excavators.

Motor Graders

Motor grader is also known as maintainer because of its sophisticated work that helps most of the final times in construction. Motor Grader is a type of construction vehicle that have a blade in front use to flatten the surface when there is necessity. Moreover, motor graders are used to push the ice away when there is heavy snow and the symptoms of more snowfall occur.
Motor Grader

Motor Scrapers

These self-pulled scrappers help in the construction when leveling, hauling or digging is necessary while construction. Motor scrapers are commonly used machines and mostly used for variety of construction jobs as we mentioned digging, plucking and pushing the ground surface where necessary. Basically, motor scrappers have four main types varied according to its uses self-propelled, elevating, auger and push-pull.
Motor Scraper


A paving machine is not so common construction machine for small type of constructions but it is quite necessary for road construction. It is used to lay the concrete and asphalt on the road for further processes. Pavers are so helpful for these paving processes because the machine saves the time of construction and cost of labor.
Paving Machine

Pile Drivers

Pile Drivers have long vertical booms with hooks and used to drive the piles in ground like big structures for construction. Pile drivers sometimes work with the help of cranes and it is one of the oldest machines being used by ancient Romans. Pile driver is not so common in simple type of constructions but found must in oil rigging and giant building constructions.
Pile Driver

Power Trowels

Power Trowel is simple construction device used to polish the tiles or get the smoothness of surface. Power trowel consists of fan type abrasive blades that finish the land by moving motors across the surface. Power trowels are portable machines and useful for polishing marbles after construction.
Power Trowels


Rammers basically tamping rammers are demolition tools used to compact and demolish the big bash rocks or concrete pieces into small. Sometimes, it works as a portable compaction tool because it has flat plate at the end used to flatten the ground where normal compaction machine can’t reach out!
Tamping Rammer

Road Rollers

Road Rollers are helping out us from many years, basically they are also compaction tool with too large metal tires used to compact the ground and it is one of the useful vehicle for road compaction because it has capability to reduce the time of construction and labor costs. Road rollers have front single wheel which is too large as compared to other construction machineries and made up of metal, this wheel pressing the ground for flatten it.
Road Roller


If you ever assumed a big type of electric saw placed on vehicle, so that is trencher. Trencher is basically a digging tool used to trench or dig the grounds with its blade whatever its shape round or horizontal. It is one of the useful machines for most of construction plans when there is need of digging fast and reduction of time and labor cost.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are one of the construction machines used to load the unnecessary sand, rocks, rubbish or anything else and pull them away or in the construction site. Wheel loaders basically consist of a simple tractor with the loading bucket that performs the essential function according to its name. Wheel loaders has bucket which can hold up to 8000 tons of load at time and keep them away from construction sites.
Wheel Loader
So, all of the construction machineries have some qualities that make it different and special from each others. These construction machineries are gigantic and do their work with selflessly devotion in the field and that’s all by the wisdom of man’s brain. Are you construction machine importers and looking for reliable construction machine suppliers, please visit our suppliers directory.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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