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Different Types of Sportswear

If you are an athlete and like playing different sports. Make sure that you choose the right sportswear which will definitely help you in practicing. Sportswear is a kind of clothing worn by athletes for exercising or for sport. Listed below are the different types of sportswear which worn in specific sports.

Auto Racing Wear

Auto racing is a fast sport. Helmets are very necessary and should be comfortable. It should have soft padded inside to protect the head from impact by breaking and cushioning the fall. Helmets should also have aeration capabilities so as to avoid profuse sweating during the sport. The racing suits should be comfortable.

Auto Racing Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Soccer Wear

Soccer is a popular sport and that is why women, men and children not only love the sport but also play it. That is why there is sportswear available for all ages and genders. Shoes should be light for fast movement and ball kicking. Shorts should have an elastic waist and a T-shirt should always provide aeration.

Soccer Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Cycling Wear

Cycling wear is pretty simple it should not be baggy at all. It should not be tight either because movement is going to be very hard. Apparel should be fitting and should not clam to the skin at all. Cycler should not feel hot because of the rising body temperature. Instead, the wear should be light and be able to reduce body heat by providing cooling. Helmets are mandatory for skull protection.

Cycling Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Basketball Wear

Basketball players move around the court a lot. The surface of the court can be slippery thus the wrong type of shoes can cause fatalities. Standard basketball shoe wear should have grip and the standard shoes are court shoes. The foot should be firmly and comfortably support so that the game process can be easy. Fabric for the shorts and t-shirts should be breathable. It should not accommodate sweat but in turn let it out.

Basketball Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Yoga Wear

Yoga is a flexible sport. Those who are enthusiasts choose wear that will not inhibit them from moving comfortably. It involves a lot of posture changing and that means stretching is part of the sport. That is why women decide to wear shorts and capris that stretch and are able to expand.

Yoga Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Tennis Wear

Tennis is an intense sport and concentration and alertness is very important. That is why a tennis viser is part of the tennis wear. The viser protects the player’s eyes from direct sunlight and the same time not blocking his or her view. For men, they get to wear shorts, a t-shirt and shoes. Protective gear is optional. Women have a variety of tennis wear like a tank top and shorts. Users can opt to wear a tennis dress.

Tennis Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Ice Hockey Wear

Ice hockey is an interesting sport and sometimes it is referred to as a smashing and bashing sport. This is the reason why protective gear is very important. The gear should be able to shield the shoulder area, the players chin and neck. So other than a mouth guard, shoulder pads, mouth guards and helmets are very important because every part of the body is always impacted during the game.

Ice Hockey Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Baseball Wear

Baseball wear consists of shoes or cleats, gloves and pro combat gear. The cleats have to be baseball issued so that the player can be able to move with speed. As much as the pro-combat is fitting, it has to be comfortable and not stick to the body. A fielding glove is also important and it should be long lasting because of the constant use.

Baseball Wear, Different Types of Sportswear

Martial Arts Wear

There are wide range of martial arts clothing available in the market suitable for karate, judo, kick boxing, kung fu and tai chi. So when buying the clothing it is good to know the specific martial arts sport. Just like any other sport, injuries can befall anyone who is in the art. For this reason protective gear like hand wraps, knee guards, and groin guards are also important.

Martial Arts Wear, Different Types of Sportswear


A swimwear also known as bathing suit is a type of clothing worn by men or women in water-based activities like swimming, diving and surfing. Men wear shorts and Speedos but women have a variety of swimwear. Some women prefer tankinis and some prefer bikinis it all depends on preference. Professional swimwear wear buoyant wetsuit.

Swimwear, Different Types of Sportswear

Posted by: Klaus on Jul 10 2012

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