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Comprehensiveness of DVR Technology

It was very strange and panic full situation when first VCR introduced to the public and the scariest thing was that, we started skipping the ads during the movie. In a nutshell, DVR is so resembled with VCR and some people think that it does. Not at all, DVR is quite a different thing. It is not introduced for watching movies. You must be curious what I am talking about and why?

Yes, the crucial part of the topic is differentiation between entertainment product and a security system. The amazing thing is that we differentiate VCR and DVR in such an elegant way. So the next and the important talkative chat should be the intro. What is DVR? Not in linguistic, but in many manners people have misconceptions about this device. So we introduce only with one short sentence. It is a device which can record, play, rewind and forward your acts through camera.

It should be more briefed. DVR is a Digital Video Recorder and sometimes people called it PVR (personal video recorder). Amazingly, people didn’t think why it is PVR whereas you installed it for recording of others. It is a kind of surveillance equipment used for high security circumstances. DVR observes the actions with the help of cameras, record in the hard disk, plays upon your requirement and rewind and forward the recording when you need.

In old times DVRs were not too smart as they are today. I mean to say they couldn’t perform many function as they are doing now. Today, DVRs come with remote control accesses and many other functions. You can change their hard drives, install cameras up to your requirements and can go wildly with online access of your DVR with the help of internet connection.

I am crazy about discussing the types of digital video recorders I have. There are so many brands in the market are manufacturing by different companies. Every company has built its product better than others. If you ever went for purchasing Security System at any shop other security solution provider so you know better about that. I compiled here some easy to get data about DVR types.

Different Security Solution Providers offer recommend different type of Digital Video Recorders. Some of the most used DVRs are as follows:

Stand-Alone DVRs are used to record the practices of video cameras initially. Customer has opportunity here to purchase a DVR independently and install it with television. Stand-Alone DVRs are quite common security system used by CCTV Solution Providers.

Set Top Box is usually purchased by satellite TV companies. These devices are installed through the package by which you can rent movies, see TV channels and much more. It is not common surveillance equipment at all.

Computer DVR is highly consumer rated DVR which is mostly used for residential security purposes. It is the type of card installed with your computer. You can record a program in your computer’s hard drive.

It can be concluded as DVR either provided by your Security Solution Providers or you purchased it independently not matters. It should perform reasonable security operations for you. Many CCTV Solution Providers across the web have great solutions for you. You just need to Google it!
Comprehensiveness of DVR Technology

Posted by: Mukesh on May 31 2012

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