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Common Types of Mushrooms and Their Uses

Did you hear fairytales from your grainy? There would be mushrooms quite resembled with umbrellas! Mushrooms are really beautiful fleshy fruity nature natural gifts that sometimes grown naturally on the grounds of gardens or found in fields as a hard work of farmers. These mushrooms can be eaten fresh or in raw forms but sometimes you should be careful before eating them because they would be dangerous for you. I think, you have imaged polka dots mushroom with red in color in your mind and it might be possible that you’re supposed to eating it. Mushrooms have different varieties according to their shapes, colors, textures, hardness & softness, uses and origins so some of them are toxic and only used as drugs. Mushrooms have different sizes and it has even smaller size which can’t be seen from normal eye if there is no macroscopic lens. Some of the mushrooms that are commonly used as fruit, vegetable or any other resource are discussed follow for your easiness so be a part of this read.

Canned Mushroom

Mushrooms have more than 500 varieties and some of them can be stored for the next time usage. These varieties of mushroom have packed because to save the nutrient elements, protein and vitamins in it. Canned mushrooms are basically tin packed mushrooms typically sliced or dipped in syrup form that supposed as useful. These canned mushrooms would be a good resource for gaining healthy life! Canned Mushroom

Dried Mushroom

Dried mushrooming is the process in which mushrooms turned into dried form with the help of sunlight and sometimes artificial heat. Dried mushrooms can be found in many forms like powder, slices or crush and these dried mushrooms are used as raw food, spices, dried fruits, medicines and natural extracts. Dried Mushroom

Edible Mushroom

Edible mushroom is not commonly seen type of mushroom and it is mostly found as wildly. Sometimes, edible mushrooms grown for commercial purposes and sold across the globe. It is usually a part of fungi used as a fleshy fruit and found as healthy resource of protein. These edible mushrooms have more than 50 types and the main growers of edible mushroom are China, US, Netherlands, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Ireland and Japan. Edible Mushroom

Fresh Mushroom

Fresh mushrooms are one of the major sources of vitamins and proteins. It is basically a low-calorie food helpful to avoid blood sugar symptoms and necessary for the people who want to gain the Vitamin-B. Fresh mushrooms are normally eaten after cooking and used mostly for garnishing the food to get the beautiful image and taste. Fresh mushroom whenever taken to the UV lights it gets converted into vitamin D2. Fresh Mushroom

Frozen Mushroom

Frozen mushroom can be defined as the fresh mushroom frozen in the freezers or cold storages to get the nutrition for the long time. Frozen mushrooms are the type of fresh mushrooms that can’t be dried or the essential fats, vitamins, proteins and other nutrition would out of the mushroom after drying. Frozen mushrooms can be cooked with butter and sometimes they can be used as a fleshy fruit. Frozen Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom

Oyster mushrooms are not so commonly used but basically they belong from the family of Pleurotus that can be found under the trees. Oyster mushrooms can be used as raw or cooked form and it has about 50 different species according to the origins. There are lots of suppliers you may get online for these oyster mushrooms supplying good quality products in many possible forms. Oyster mushrooms usually stick with their trees and have no stems and specific umbrella shape as others have whereas the colors of this mushroom are pink to yellow. Oyster Mushroom

Shiitake Mushroom

Shiitake mushrooms are usually grown in Japan and it is one of the main cuisines for most of the parts of the world like Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Thailand and China. Shiitake mushrooms are mostly seen in vegetarian cuisines like Buddha’s delight and it is found so nutrient to be used because of heavy contents of sugar, dietary fiber, fats, protein, thiamine, vitamin D, iron and sodium. Shiitake Mushroom Mushrooms are one of the idealist foods for this planet because of its beautiful colors, tastes and nutrition. If you are planning to take some nutritious meal so you must get the benefits of mushrooms. Find mushroom importers and mushroom suppliers at TradeFord.com.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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