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Common Home Textile Products

Home textiles really play vital role for decoration of your home to give you a perfect lifestyle. It was quite hard task to match the things up to your requirements but today internet made it too easy to get comparison on similar looking products and matching them up to your requirements. So if you are really planning a better shopping experience over internet so this guide about Home Textile Products will help you most in this case. Just stick with the post to have further!


Bedspreads belong to the family of bedding where it is also known as bedclothes, bedcovers or bed sheets. The culture is not new to cover the beds with these bedspreads but it is the oldest one that continuously being in motion from the ancient Egyptians but got fame across the globe after Second World War. It covers the whole body of mattress and bed through corners to corners and supposed as helpful to prevent mattresses from stains. Bedspreads, King Size Bedspreads, Designer Bedspreads


Blankets give warmth welcome to their wearer because they are plushy and usually used in winters when there is symptom to get freeze. Blankets are made of wool clothing so mainly used while sleeping in winter nights but some other reasonable uses that should be mentioned here are: blankets are best fire retardant and you can also cover your pet to protect it from cold. Blankets, Wholesale Blankets


Carpet is basically traditional flooring belong to the ancient Muslims where they used in mosques to prayer but later it famed globally because of its beauty and attractiveness that can be measured out at anywhere. Carpet has more than fifty types just according to weaving methods like woven, needlefelt, knotted, tufted and much more or if we talk about types of fibers and yarns used in carpets so there is a long list in which nylon, polypropylene, wool, polyester and acrylic. If you are planning to buy a great carpet so you should choose one of these like Afghan, Armenian, Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Iranian and Pakistani Carpets. Carpets


Curtains are great ‘showoff’ of your house to someone because they look not only attractive but have all those features that make windows beautiful. Curtains were traditionally found in 6th century as room dividers but today we use them as an artistic fabric piece that was made to protect room from sunlight, unnecessary airflow, prevention from insecticides and much more just by hanging them across rooms and windows. Today the modern look of curtain is blind that can be found in different manners like sizes, designs and attractiveness. Curtains, Modern Curtains, Custom Curtains


Cushion was the term hailed from Middle English in late 14th century that means they are not too new as we are thinking. Cushion is same like a pillow but you can say it a square fabric bag filled with anonymous materials like polyester staple fiber, wool, hairs, feathers, old cloths or paper and used for kneeling upon while using laptops, gossiping to friends or just making a stress-free fun. Cushions are very attractive to see so people often used them as home décor with their sofas where they are known as couches. Cushions


In home textiles, mat means soft clothing that can be seen as the floor covering or before any entrance of house where the main purpose is to protect house from mud and dirty feet come from gardens or anywhere else. Mats are basically made of sometimes soft clothing but sometimes hard materials used for their production whereas some common materials that you will see in many home textile mats are coir, plastics, jute, woven materials or any fibrous material. Mats


Pillows are the main part of home textile that can be seen anywhere in the house’s bedroom or office’s waiting room as a main content to rest. It is also a bag filled with soft or fluffy material like cushion but the shape is different like they are usually found in rectangular shapes. Pillows are basically rest pieces for neck while sleeping and used for keeping them under the head. Pillows are commonly filled of cotton, polyester staple fiber, feathers, thermocol or anything fluffy that can give you rest while sleeping. Pillows


Quilts are basically patchwork fabric sheets used as bedspreads or instead of blankets because they are usually made of more than two layers of clothing patched together to form a thick spread. Quilt is traditional aspect for many cultures so it’s famous across the globe just because of its simplicity with attractive designs. Furthermore, it has some great uses like bedding, decoration, education, camping art and traditional gift. Look through some other names of quilts and their origins: Italian quilts, Kantha from Bangladesh, Sashiko from Japan, Amish from America and Ralli or Rilli from Pakistan. Quilts


Different types of sheets are used to decorate and furnish home looks up to your eyes’ tenderness. These sheets usually made of cloths with printed patterns or plain colors and used for different purposes from covering dishes to furniture while shifting. Along with these uses, the better one and most common use of these sheets is table runner or table clothing where you will find sophisticated sheets with attractive colors and meaningful patterns according to your dining rooms matchups! Sheets


Tapestry is a great and innovative decoration firstly formed through vertical looms with the help of threads. These tapestries are attractive, can be hung on dining room’s walls or anywhere else but they look beautiful. Tapestries are basically traditional art and now it can only be found as an antique in museums or at the people who are found of collections. Tapestry


Towels are most useful home textile product that can be seen anywhere else like hotels, salons, barber shops and offices. Towels are basically used to dry the hands or body after washing or getting showered because they are fluffy made of terrycloth which is too soft to be touched. Not only as bathroom textile but these towels can be your personal as pocket size or you may see them as kitchen duster just because of good absorbing quality. Towels

Posted by: Mukesh on Jul 10 2012

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