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China Non-Corrosive Plant Roofing Sheets

Acid rain deposition affects most materials to some degree. Carbon-steel, nickel, zinc, copper, paint, some plastics are vulnerable while stainless steel and aluminium are more resistant metals. Sulfur dioxide is the main pollutant in respect to corrosion of roofing sheets from acid rain, but others take their toll, including nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxides, ozone etc. This study, investigated the acidity of rainfall at Eleme, Rivers state of Nigeria. The effect of acid rain on aluminium alloy and galvanized steel roofing sheets was studied as well as their relative corrosion resistance.

1. Green and environment friendly. Hengxing upvc roofing tile does not contain asbestos and radioactive element. It can be recycled, and completely meets the requirement of environment protection.

2. Lasting color. The surface material of Hengxing upvc roofing tile is made of imported extra weather resistant engineering resin It boasts extraordinary durability in natural environment. It is able to maintain its stable color even under long term exposure to such severe conditions as ultraviolet radiation, dampness, heat and coldness.

3. Excellent load-carrying ability. Hengxing upvc roofing tile boasts excellent load-carrying ability. In cold area, the roofing is not damaged or broken on the surface even if snow covers on the roof all the year round. The test shows that the roofing neither cracks nor be damaged when the supporting spacing is 660mm and 150kg of load is applied.

4. Good sound insulation. The test shows that roofing boasts good noise absorbing effect under the noise of rainstorm and strong wind.

5. Excellent corrosion resistance. Hengxing upvc roofing tile is able to resist corrosion of various chemical substance such as acid, alkali and salt. The experiment proves that the roofing has on chemical reaction when it is soaked on salt, alkali and various acids below 60%for 24 hours. It is very suitable for use in places where acid rain often falls and coastal areas.

6. Extraordinary heat preservation and heat insulation. The coefficient of heat conductivity of Hengxing upvc roofing tile is 0.325W/m. K, which is 1/310 of that of clay tile, 1/5 of that of cement roof tile, and 1/2000 of that of 0.5mm thick color steel tile. Therefore, the heat preservation and heat insulation of Degao roofing tile is still the best without adding an insulating layer.

7. Good resistance to impact and low temperature. Hengxing upvc roofing tile boasts strong resistance to external impact. The test shows that the roofing does not crack after a 1kg steel ball falls on it. The resistance to impact under low temperature is also outstanding.

8. Good self-cleaning performance. Hengxing upvc roofing tile is compact and smooth on the surface. The surface has the \"Lotus leaf effect \", which means that it does not absorb dust and is clean and new after being washed by rain. No mark is left on the roofing surface after dust is washed by rain. No mark is left on the roofing surface after dust is washed by rain.

9. Stable volume. The expansion coefficient of Hengxing upvc roofing tile is 4.93× 10-5mm/mm/ ° C. The tile shape has the two-way stretch performance on geometrical shape. The tile is able to accommodate to its extension even in case of big change of temperature, which ensures a stable geometrical size.

10. Excellent waterproof performance. The high weather resistant resin adopted by Hengxing upvc roofing tile is compact and does not absorb water, so water does not seep through the pore. The width is 45% wider than conventional tile width. There are fewer joints on the surface, so Degao tile roofing has much better waterproof performance than conventional tile.

11. Extraordinary insulation. Hengxing upvc roofing tile is an insulating product. It is an insulating product. It is not damaged in case of accidental discharge.

12. Strong fire resistance. Hengxing upvc roofing tile is flame-resisting.

13. Fait installation. The effective width of Hengxing upvc roofing tile is 800mm, which ensure high paving efficiency, it is light and easy to be unloaded. The fittings for paving are complete.

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China Non-Corrosive Plant Roofing Sheets

Posted by: Sunny on Jul 04 2012

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