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Benefits of LED Lights: Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) or LED Light is the most power-saving and smart solution for illumination and it is becoming popular day by day. LED lights are being used for many applications like residential lighting, architectural lighting, aerospace, aviation, broadcasting, automotive, gaming, entertainment, traffic, military, industrial automation, electronic instruments and much more… It is fundamentally a digital light that comes with a huge number of remarkable benefits. Let’s break down the benefits of LED Lights:

Energy Efficient: Nowadays, LED lights have become an efficient source of lighting and illumination with estimated 80% to 90% energy efficiency as compared to conventional lights. It means 80% of the electrical energy gets converted to light and 20% gets lost and converted into heat.

Ecologically-Friendly: LED lights do not contain any toxic materials, and they are 100% recyclable. These lights help to reduce carbon footprint by up to a third. One LED light could save materials and production of twenty five incandescent lights. This is absolutely a great step towards the greenest future!

Sturdy Quality: LED lights are exceptionally durable because they have made with sturdy components that are well-rugged and could stand firm even the roughest conditions. As these lights highly resistant to vibrations, shocks and any external impacts so they can make really great outdoor lighting system for even rough conditions and exposure to rain, wind and weather. They are best for operation under cold and hot outdoor temperature settings.

Longlife Times: It is one of the greatest benefits of LED lights. They have excellent operational life time – expectation of about 60,000 hours. It is 11 years of nonstop operation. The good thing is if you leave on the LED light fixture for eight hours a day you would not be needed to change the LED light up to 20-year.

Design Flexibility: One plus point of the LED lights is they could be easily combined in every shape for producing efficient illuminations. A well-designed LED illumination system with dynamic control of color, light and distribution can get fantastic lighting effects for your eyes, mind and mood.

Improved Safety: It is an important benefit of the LED lights since they generate almost no heat so they are cool and easily touchable. LED lights reduce the prospective for safety risk like fires and burns so you may leave them on for many hours without having any incident

Frequent Switching: LED lights could be switched on/off frequently without affecting the lifetime or light emission of the LED lights.

Instantaneous Lighting: Since LED lights brighten up instantly so they are the great choices for infrastructure projects like traffic signal lights.

Low-Voltage Supply: LED lights need very low-voltage power supply so they are easy to use in outdoor settings with the help of external solar energy system. It is highly beneficial if you use LED technology in rural and remote areas.

Conclusion: Keeping in view the aforementioned benefits of LED lights, why not go LED Lights and, save both your planet and money. Are you looking to source LED Lights? Find reliable led lights suppliers and manufacturers.

Posted by: Jack on Feb 12 2014

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