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An introduction to Apparel Machinery

If you are talking about machineries so should have a keen interest on the topic otherwise it’s quite boring to be discussed. One of the machineries, apparel machinery is considered as useful equipment because apparel and clothing is need of every human being on this planet. Surprisingly, apparel machinery varied more accordingly different sort of works like some of them are used to etch the buttons, some for belt making, stitching, interlocking or what-so-else. Hence, some of the apparel equipment needed to be discussed so here they are:

Belt Making Machine

When fashion started, cobblers were made belts by hands by using leather but today belt making machine made it easy to make belts with accuracy and less consumption of cost on labor. China is largest exporters for the belt making machines across the globe with exports percentage of 90% of all. Belt Making Machine

Button Making Machine

Button molder or button making machine made it accurate to decorate beautiful buttons without any wastage of materials. Button production lines usually consisted of parts that programmed according to step by step production previously followed by hands.There are only few names found for this industry that include China, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and Bangladesh producing quality button making machines. Button Making Machine

Buttonhole Machine

Buttonhole seems to be an easy task but it would be harder as compared to button making. Buttonhole machines adjust the right button at the right place on the panel and punch the hole where necessary. Japan is one of the behemoth for quality buttonhole machine manufacturing with companies like Juki, Brother and Singer. Buttonhole Machine

Cap Making Machine

Have you ever think how these baseball caps made for you? Big production lines called cap making machine work behind these processes that can process up to 100 of caps at one head. These cap making machines consisted of programmed cards that are programmed according to your designs and needs. Cap Making Machine

Felting Machine

Now, it’s not hurdle to make plushy felts at your home! The most annoying part of sewing felts would be needle breaking but what do you think about that easy move felting machine by Simplicity and Janome? They made it easy to sew the fluffy felts like your clothes! Felting Machine

Glove Making Machine

Gloves would be your need or it indicates your fashions! If you are feeling the need of good commercial glove making machine so there must be some choices for you! China is biggest manufacturer for automatic gloves production lines that regulate your designing needs even in your absence. Glove Making Machine

Overlocker Machine

Overlocker machine may be used for protect or lock your sewed apparels. Overlocker machines helped out most with fast and durable overlocking without any interruption of needle and thread breakage. Janome and Toyota are reliable manufacturers of overlock machines. Overlocking Machine

Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are most necessary machines to take a first step for apparel making. If you are planning to purchase commercial sewing machines so there would be some great choices available for you that include big brands like Singer, Juki, Janome, Bernina, Brother, Sewmor, Merrow and Leader. Commercial sewing machines are consisted of motors that should act real-time when you paddle the button. Sewing Machine

Sock Knitting Machine

In old times grainy used to knit the socks for their grandsons but all these responsibilities went to sock knitting machines. Sock knitting machine have specialty to knit piles of socks in just few minutes. These machines operate multiple threads or wool spools to knit a sock accurately within time. China every year produces 80% of all the sock knitting machines of the world. Sock Knitting Machine

Towel Making Machine

Towels usually built on production lines instead of small machines because there are lots of processes involved while the production of these towels through coloring to dyeing. Towel production lines are also consisted of multiple threaded looms, rulers, dyers and cutters.Here is the most interesting thing to be discussed that China is biggest manufacturer of towel making machine. Towel Making Machine

Zipper Making Machine

Zippers should be reliable because they are responsible to veil your respects! For that, zipper making machines are manufactured through remarkable manufacturers that believe in customers’ satisfaction first. Zipper making machine operates every process from choosing of right material to polishing and final touches.There are about thousands of reliable Chinese suppliers are available to serve you with their competitive quality zipper production lines. Zipper Making Machine Prior to all, every apparel production machine relied on the other one because the good production needs the good team. From determining the material to the final finishes, these apparel machineries will help you most when you need them.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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