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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Printing Press

The printing press is a machine for evenly printing ink on the print medium like paper and clothes. The commencement of the printing press was a landmark event for mankind and it played an important role in communication when telephone and television were not present. It spreaded and molded the opinion of the public in a way that nothing could do before the invention of radio and television.

Tough concept of printing press was developed in Korea and China first, but the first automated printing press was invented by German named Gutenberg in 1400s. This invention played a big role in promoting literatures because it facilitated the mass production of different books. The printing press has many advantages and dis-advantages, let's begin with the advantages first:

Advantages of Printing Press

  • Multiple Copies Conveniently: Have you ever wondered how thousand of magazines, books and newspapers are produced? Is all the stuff written by the writers? Surely, not! Just one hand written copy needs a lot of time, then how bulk copies are produced within a short time? The answer is quite simple "Printing Press". With the advent of the printing press, getting multiple copies of books or documents has become more convenient and easier. It has changed the entirety of the written language. It has played a great role in spreading literacy among the people because books and all printed materials could be reproduced easily now by the machine. Hundred and thousand produced copies of the books or documents are available to huge masses.
  • Reduction in Cost: Printing Press not only produced the books and magazines in bulk but also cut down their cost. It made information available to low class people who were eager for information at low prices. Now libraries could be equipped with lots of literacy material at a lower cost.
  • Preservation & Circulation of Knowledge: The Printing Press facilitated the preservation and dissemination of knowledge in a standardized form that was vital in the advance of technology, science and scholarship. It certainly started an "Information Revolution". By bulk and quick printing a printing press could spread new ideas among the masses rapidly.
  • Brighter Print Outputs: Printing press offers excellent color accuracy. This printing technique could create brighter print outputs. You can use various kinds of color with printing press whether it is colored paper or pitch black type. It provides you with the liberty of choice which one is the best for your printed material. The reality is, printing press machinery helps you produce material that really stands out.

Disadvantages of Printing Press

Since the advent of the printing press, few scholars have viewed it as disadvantageous. Because they considered that it had great influence on communication, education and spreading the new ideas or thoughts. Perhaps one of the disadvantages of the printing press may be seen from the point of view of those who dominated the power and authority structures of medieval Europe, because they struggled hard to suppress the restructuring and the peasant's revolt.

Posted by: Stefan on Feb 27 2014

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