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A Brief Cover on Import

Did you hear about Marco Polo and ancient Egyptians? If your answer is yes so it would be possible that you read about their trade businesses. If you think trading came when last millennium start so you are wrong. From head to toe, Trade has only benefits and benefits. Mainly, trade based on two important parts, first is Export and the other one is Import. Both of the parts of trade have their own importance. I don’t take steps to cut off such a brief topic into just few words. Please don’t think it is a soft cake. So, I decided here to just discus about Imports. Deliciously, it should be started!

What is Import

Cookies in my mind said that import is basically a main and important part of any trading business. Besides trading business, it would be a necessary part for manufacturing type businesses in many cases. In business, import means to purchase or bring in goods and service from other countries to your homeland. Import takes place when a person or a group of personalities need product which they don’t have. It clearly means that you are importing such things which you don’t have or your suppliers can’t fulfill your demands. Quiet interesting in 21st century is that we are importing those things which are not necessary for us, yes we do.

Now it’s time to ask a mature question. How to Import? There are many mediums and ways to import products and services to your homeland. A proper medium would be your internet connection or your magazine can do that for you. From air to seaport, you just supposed to trade and these resources came into existence. Yes, they are necessary too. Governments of the countries provide facilities to import goods and services to their Importers. Sometimes agencies and non-governmental association do that. These facilities would be financial supports, advisory services and easiness of information over import. If you want to import something to your country so these are some points you should do.

1. Take a brief survey on requirements of your local market; it is called “Market Research”.
2. Take a pledge to find right thing for right time and under right demand and supply terms.
3. Find local importers of your product and discuss with them about good product specs, safety precautions, handling, common aspects of importing and other pros and cons.
4. Contact governmental and non-governmental association obeying importers and discuss them about import necessities and requirements.
5. Risk management, freight policies, trade FAQs and success stories matter here.
6. Check by yourself about exporters of that product on internet and local resources.

Now, you should have an idea about products need to be import in your country. Here, I am compiling a list of some top exporter countries with their key products. This list may helps you most, read it carefully before importing anything to your country. The five exporter countries are:

China is strongest and trustworthy exporter country with 163.3 Billion USD exports in April, 2012. You can import office machines & data processing equipment, telecommunication products, electrical machinery and clothing from China with good quality and effective cost.

India has good export relations with other countries and recorded 28682 Million exports USD in March, 2012. The major exports of India are textile & leather, engineering goods, chemicals and Gems & Jewelry.

United States:
United States majority exports industrial machinery & supplies, consumer products, autos, aircraft & parts and food & beverages. USA reported 186.8 Billion USD exports in March, 2012.

Japan has export worth of 6204 Billion JPY as of March, 2012. Consumer electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, automobiles, optical media, optical fibers and copiers are the exports of Japan.

Pakistan has dominated export section with worth of 2034 Million USD only in February, 2012. Pakistan Exports rice, furniture, cotton fiber, cement, tiles, marble, textiles, clothing, leather goods, sports goods, surgical instruments, electrical appliances, software, carpets & rugs and food products.

Other major exporter countries are Brazil, Germany, Turkey, UK, Russia and Italy. Now, you have a good resource over import so you should become a part of good Importers for your product in your area.

Posted by: Ja on May 12 2012

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