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Sometimes life offers unforeseen challenges, and it is important to use them positively, says Elisabeth Gierus. For her, it was skin cancer early on that started Elisabeth Gierus Skin Care.

Behind Elisabeth Gierus Skin Care is a woman who not only struggle to achieve its objectives, but also has managed to turn what life has given her, into something positive.

- Sometimes you experience things that pushes you into an entirely new and unexpected direction. But there is usually a meaning, says Elisabeth Gierus.

As a teenager, she concentrated her fire for fashion and design and therefore struggled for an attractive job as a messenger at the fur company Birger Christensen. But when she went to a beautician because she was bothered by acne and problem skin, she was aware of the industry, her heart now beats for.

- I was so happy after every facial. There arises a huge positive energy when a treatment or product really works. That is the energy I would like to create, says Elisabeth Gierus, which subsequently is qualified as a beautician and makeup artist.

From Copenhagen to Hollywood
Immediately after her graduation in 1994, she got a job at a modeling agency in Copenhagen. A few years later she went to the U.S. to train and work for Sunset Gower Film Studio in Hollywood, and when she returned to Denmark, Elisabeth invested her entire home savings and opened a clinic in her own name.

- I\'ve always worked hard and had time for many things. But it has always been the one thing that made me happy - it has always been my benchmark, says Elisabeth Gierus.

Skin cancer was a turning point
In 2005, while she was pregnant, Elisabeth Gierus found out she had skin cancer on her face. It was not only a shock, but also a wakeup call – because she is an experienced beautician, an expert in how to nurture and take care of his skin.

- Before that turning point, I was not interested in using for ecology and natural ingredients. I was trained and specialized in using products based on artificial substances and had never given a thought that they could be harmful. But the skin absorbs up to 80 percent of what we lubricates, and I think that artificial substances confuses the body\'s cells and hormones. We simply know too little about the side effects which are substances that do not break down naturally, says Elisabeth Gierus, as a consequence of the disease, she chose to dispose of all products containing artificial substances, both at home, and at her clinic.

- When I decide something, I do it wholeheartedly, she explains.

Mixing creams at the kitchen table, at the same time, her curiosity for the natural aroused.

- I had worked with creams for so many years without knowing how it was manufactured. So I spent a year taking courses, talk with chemists and read the ingredient composition to learn how to make completely natural creams that also gives an effective result, says Elisabeth Gierus, which developed her first creams at home at the kitchen table - with ingredients like coconut , chocolate, peppermint, lemongrass and rosemary.

In fact, there is nothing in Elisabeth Gierus\' products, which cannot be decomposed in nature.

- It is very exciting to work with new research and raw materials, that has been known for its skin care properties for millennia go hand in hand. For example, pomegranate extract is shown to have an almost Botox Similar effect, she says enthusiastically.

Developers all products herself
In May 2007, Elisabeth Gierus Skin Care became a reality - an organic skincare line, which now consists of 38 products based on nature\'s cleanest and healthiest ingredients.

- I believe that beauty should be healthy, and that it is important to live in balance with nature, says Elisabeth Gierus who in 2010 chose to sell her clinic to devote herself to her natural products.

She finds inspiration not only in nature but also in fashion and design.

- I\'m from a very creative family. My dad is a artist, my grandmother was a ballet dancer and sewed costumes for the Royal Ballet, and my great-grandfather was a magician in a circus and actually invented a cream for psoriasis. Unfortunately, he took the recipe with him to the grave. For me, creativity is an important driving force, and therefore I have a hand in everything - including logo, containers and packaging, says Elisabeth Gierus.

Denmark\'s first tailor-made day cream
She has also used her creativity to create innovative skin care.

- I thought: When you can get tailored made clothes, why not a customized day cream? Therefore, I developed a Customized Day Cream - Denmark\'s first personal day cream that is mixed after each client\'s needs, she explains.

Overall, Elisabeth Gierus works all the time in new directions and new projects.

- For me it is a huge driving force to develop something new that makes a difference and make people happy, she says, returning to the joy that has been her guidance throughout life.

About Elisabeth Gierus Skin Care
• Elisabeth Gierus Skin Care is a Danish organic line of skin care products exclusively
based on nature\'s own ingredients.
• The range consists of 38 products, all of which are personally designed by Elisabeth Gierus.
• In 2011, launched Elisabeth Gierus Customised Day Cream - Denmark\'s first tailor-made day cream, developed personally to each recipient based on a detailed questionnaire.
• Elisabeth Gierus Skin Care has to be nominated by the Danish Beauty Award in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.

Elisabeth Gierus Skincare • Tel. +40 18 00 14 • info@elisabethgierus.com • CVR-nr. 32 94 11 33
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