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Port of Le Havre

Port of Le Havre is one of the deep-sea port of France located in Le Havre, France. The timezone of Port of Le Havre is GMT+1 while the official currency is EUR. The water location of Port of Le Havre is English Channel (Channel). It has 12.5m - 13.7m anchor depth, 4.9m - 6.1m cargo depth and 1.8m - 3m oil terminal depth. Port of Le Havre has Large drydock. It has Large size harbor, the type of harbor is River Tide Gate. The shelter of Port of Le Havre is in Excellent condition.

If you have any inquiry or you wanted to get some specific information from Port of Le Havre, you can contact via phone @ +33-2-3274-7400 or via fax @ +33-2-3274-7029. You can also get updated information about Port of Le Havre by visiting their official website: http://www.havre-port.fr/. If you are planning to visit Port of Le Havre, please find the address listed above or view the below map to get direction.

Port Detail

  • Time Zone: GMT+1
  • Official Currency: EUR
  • Water Location: English Channel (Channel)
  • Anchor Depth: 12.5m - 13.7m
  • Cargo Depth: 4.9m - 6.1m
  • Oil Terminal: 1.8m - 3m
  • Type of Harbor: River Tide Gate
  • Harbor Size: Large
  • Dry Dock: Large
  • Railway: Medium
  • Max. Size: Over 500 feet in length
  • Max. Size: Major
  • Shelter Condition: Excellent
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