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World Seaports Directory

TradeFord's Seaport Directory is a leading source that is providing detail information about list of seaports from all over the world. Information of listed Seaports includes services, water location, anchor & cargo depth, harbour type & size, railway size, address, phone, fax, email and website.

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The Competitive Advantage of Seaports

Seaports are located along a shoreline or coast and have one or more harbors. These ports are considered to be essential points for the transiting of goods as well as people. Seaports are primarily an essential way for the movement of imports and exports from one country to another. The highest volume seaport is the Port of Shanghai which receives approximately 30 million 20-foot equivalent units every year. The place where the seaport is situated optimizes the access over land areas as well as traversable water and is essential for the development of any economy.

Seaports are also very crucial for generating jobs in an economy. The extent of employment effects associated with seaports and activities whether direct, indirect, related and induced activities tends to represent many employment opportunities which is a significant contribution towards economic growth. In many countries seaports are rendered as a focal point for the development of a region. They tend to outlay the subsidies on part of the Government for the purpose of developing and improving port facilities.

The role of seaports exceeds the function of simple transfer of products and people from one country to another. Apart from this role, seaports also serve as an excellent location for value added logistics where stakeholders of differing channels have the opportunity to meet each other and interact. As a result of this, seaports are considered as not only an integral part of the entire transportation system of a country but, also serves as a major sub-system associated with broader production and logistics system which takes place globally.

Seaports are characterized with seamless communication aspect in addition with elimination of wastage, reduction in the cost of operation by including the Just-In-Time concept, interoperability and interconnectivity of infrastructure, customer satisfaction and provision of value added services.

Security aspect is another factor which renders seaports beneficial for an economy. This route is used to cargo huge volume of goods and merchandise to all over the world. According to a research, the U.S Maritime alone, holds 300 seaports with 3,700 passenger and cargo terminals within its shipping infrastructure. Although, the quantity of goods to cargo is huge however, the checking of all the containers and maintaining the security of the items shipped makes this route as a safe and efficient ay to transfer goods from one place to another.

Export infrastructure which is well maintained involves ports having deep water. In this way, the export demand can be met seamlessly. Most of the seaports today are not only large but have deep water as well which reduces the element of bottleneck exports. The exporting country can move goods freely and easily which also reduces their cost of delay associated with limited seaports.

Seaports have become an integral part on the economy of any country. Exports have been promoted greatly as the goods and people can be transported from one place to another freely and on time. This has led the businesses and manufacturers to attain higher returns in the form of profits since seaport offer reduced cost of transportation.

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