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Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam's national organization gathers and represents business community, employers and business associations in Vietnam for the purpose of developing, protecting and supporting the business, contributing to economic development - economic development of the country, promote economic cooperation, trade and science - technology between Vietnam and other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam are independent organizations, non-governmental, non-profit, have legal personality and financial autonomy.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam have the following functions:
1. Representatives to promote and protect the rights and legitimate community businesses and employers in Vietnam in the relations in the country;
2. Promote the development of enterprises, businessmen, the link between businesses, business associations, promotion and support of commercial activities, investment and cooperation in science - technology and work other business enterprises in Vietnam and abroad.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam have the following tasks:
1. Gather, opinion research firms to reflect the recommendations and advise the state on legal issues, economic policy - aimed at improving the social business environment;
2. Participate in the formulation and implementation of economic development strategies - social and economic integration, international, attend conferences, delegations and economic and trade compliance with the provisions of the water;
3. Organizing forums, dialogues, meetings between businesses, employers with State agencies, with labor representatives and with other organizations within and outside the country to exchange information and opinions on issues related to business and business environment;
4. Carry out the operations necessary to protect legitimate interests, legitimate businesses and employers in the business relations in the country;
5. Organize advocacy and mobilization of enterprise strictly implement the law, enhance social responsibility, ethics and business culture, build harmonious labor relations, environmental protection and participate in other social activities consistent with the objectives of the Chamber;
6. Gather and links with business associations in Vietnam, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other relevant organizations abroad, participating in regional organizations and relevant international for the purpose of the room and help enterprises engaged in the organization;
7. Carry out activities to build, promote and enhance corporate reputation, business, commodity, service in Vietnam; promote the development of support services business; support enterprises to develop business relations and investment at home and abroad through measures such as introducing new mortgagee and customers, providing information, guidance and advice to businesses, organizations and research research, market research, seminars, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions, advertising and other promotional activities;
8. Organize training in the proper form to develop human resources for businesses, helping entrepreneurs improve their knowledge, capabilities and business management;
9. Helping registration and protection of intellectual property rights and technology transfer in Vietnam and abroad;
10. Issue certificates of origin for goods exported from Vietnam and authenticated documents necessary in business; confirmed cases of force majeure;
11. Helping businesses and international dispute resolution, dispute through negotiation, conciliation or arbitration; general distribution losses upon request;
12. Perform other tasks that the State of Vietnam or other organizations entrusted.

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry Information

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
4th Floor, 9 Dao Duy Anh Street
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